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Self-Starter: Entrepreneurial Tips From Aparna Kaushik, The Founder Of Aparna Kaushik Design Group

The Channel 46 collaborated with Aparna Kaushik, the Founder of Aparna Kaushik Design Group, who shares her story behind being in the field of architecture and offers expert advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Self-Starter: Serial Entrepreneur & FNP Founder Meeta Gutgutia Shares Insights From Her New Venture Women Listed

The Channel 46 caught up with Meeta Gutgutia, the Co-Founder of Ferns N Petals, and Founder of Sipping Thoughts & Women Listed, to share what prompted her to start her three businesses and offer advice to would-be serial entrepreneurs, and more.

Self-Starter: SUGAR Cosmetics CEO Vineeta Singh On Building A Market Disruptor In The D2C Beauty Space

Vineeta Singh opens up about her zeal for entrepreneurship, discusses her business mantras, and talks about what it takes to build a brand in the competitive beauty business.

Self-Starter: Tips From Kyma’s Nikita Poojari On Becoming A Restauranteur

The Channel 46 has collaborated with Nikita Poojari, the Founder of Kyma, who talks about her business journey so far and her first milestone, and shares valuable tips for entrepreneurs wanting to become a restaurateur. 

Self-Starter: Tips From Dr Vishakha Shivdasani (Dr Vee) On Taking Up A Role Of Responsibility In The Field Of Medicine

The Channel 46 has collaborated with Dr Vishakha Shivdasani, who specialises in reversing the symptoms of obesity, PCOS, type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, etc. by blending medicine and nutrition. She talks to you about her milestones, her thoughts behind posting educational content related to her profession, and how she approaches work. She also advises young professionals trying to make it big in the field of medicine.

Self-Starter: Temple Town’s Meera Pyarelal Offers Tips On Building A Timeless & Sustainable Furniture Brand

In collaboration with The Channel 46, Meera Pyarelal, Founder of Temple Town, shares tips on building a sustainable brand for timeless furniture, her first milestone, and marketing and networking strategies for young entrepreneurs wanting to make a mark in this field.

Self-Starter: Fix My Curls’ Founder Anshita Mehrotra Shares Lessons On Building A Haircare Brand For A Niche Market

The Channel 46 has collaborated with the Founder of Fix My Curls, Anshita Mehrotra, who speaks about what gave her the idea to start a hair care brand for curly tresses, her first milestone, how aspiring entrepreneurs can make their way through the industry, and much more.

Self-Starter: Shararat’s Co-Founders Avinash & Shanky Sharma Share Their Brand Building Expertise

The Channel 46 has collaborated with Avinash & Shanky Sharma, Co-Founders of Shararat, to shed light on how they are building their brand and what they do to keep it buoyed and growing. They also advise entrepreneurs aspiring to build a brand in this space about how they can get started and make their way through the industry. 

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