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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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    Self-Starter: Fizzy Goblet’s Laksheeta Govil Shows The Way With Her Quirky Footwear Brand

    Laksheeta Govil, Founder of Fizzy Goblet, shares her experience of building a much-celebrated footwear brand, her advice for young entrepreneurs nurturing dreams to enter the footwear domain, her scaling up decisions, and more. 

    Self-Starter: Mellow Drama’s Aaina Mahajan On Running A Fashion Brand

    What it takes is build a fashion brand is to identify the loopholes in the already-cluttered market and create a niche that is yet to be explored. And that’s exactly what the fashion label, Mellow Drama’s Aaina Mahajan did to give wings to her passion for fashion. 

    Self-Starter: Essajees Atelier’s Sarah Sham Shares Her Expertise On Building An Interior Designing Firm

    In the intensely competitive field of interior designing, making a foray into it has its set of challenges. Sarah Sham of Essajees Atelier talks about her experience of running an interior designing firm, advice for young entrepreneurs who want to enter this space, the learnings she has gathered being an entrepreneur herself, and more.

    Self-Starter: Social Toast Media’s Palakh Dharnidharka Agrawal Reveals What It Takes To Run A Marketing Agency

    It takes quite an acumen for an agency to set itself apart from the crowd today. Social Toast Media’s Palakh Dharnidharka Agrawal sheds light on how she runs her marketing agency.

    Self-Starter: Nish Hair’s Parul Gulati On Disrupting The Market With Hair Extensions

    Love is definitely in the hair for Nish Hair's Parul Gulati. No wonder, she has breathed life and passion into revolutionising the Indian hair extension and hair accessories industry.

    Self-Starter: Dr Geetanjali Chopra On Running An NGO Built On Trust & Transparency

    Dr Geetanjali Chopra helps us understand the day-to-day functioning of an NGO and how you can be a supporter in so many more ways than just making a financial contribution. 

    Self-Starter: Bellissimo Creazione’s Purvi Punjabi On Building An Organic Skincare Beauty Brand

    The founder talks about why she chose to build an organic skincare brand, the challenges of being in the competitive beauty segment, and some advice for entrepreneurs looking to venture into this space.

    #BeALittleMore: 4 Inspiring Women Who Are Shattering The Glass Ceiling In Male-Dominated Fields

    Tracking tigers, running Polo teams, designing men's footwear, setting up STEM-based learning for kids—these trailblazing women who are acing the game in male-dominated fields. Like them, we too, hope to #BeALittleMore.

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