Are you a Self-Starter? Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, or a woman who’s looking to learn new things related to work - you’re at the right place.
Learn More, Grow More, Do More, Be More—join the Club to #FeelThePowerOfThePack.

An initiative by The Channel 46, Self-Starters Club is NOT just a woman-to-woman networking platform. As a woman centric platform, we bring with us the power of
Content-Commerce-Community, which will be made available to our members only.

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Why Sign Up To Be A Member?

As a Club Member using our platform you can:
  • Harness The Power Of The Pack: Access our member directory where we can facilitate secure one-on-one interactions with other members you wish to connect with for business or even just a conversation—no phone numbers are exchanged!
  • Leverage Brand Synergies: Club members will receive alerts on co-branding opportunities mediated by our team. These could include contests, campaigns, giveaways, guest posting opportunities, workshops, and a myriad of other promotional opportunities that benefit both Self-Starters.
  • Maximise Your Relationship With TC46: Members can use our content and social media platforms for media coverage, social media shoutouts, and ad spots at a 30% discount.
  • Sell Through Shop TC46: Use our online marketplace to sell your products. No listing fee, commission on the sale of products only—we make money only if you make money.
  • Free Pass to SS Meets: Online events and meetups where a new Self-Starter will take center stage every month to host an all-access strategy discussion, share business learnings in real-time, and host a focused workshop and Q&A session.
  • Free Pass to SS Accelerate: A bi-annual event designed to assist entrepreneurs catalyse their business growth with the help of industry experts, angel investors, accelerator platform representatives, financial institutions, marketing gurus, and more.

Choose Your Plan

We have 3 flexi membership plans so that you can experience the benefits of the club for yourself before committing to it long term.
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Rs 1,200 Rs 2,200 Rs 4,000

Here’s a comprehensive look at what
you get as a member of the Self-Starters Club:

Membership: (Absolutely!) Free Features

  • 1. 1 promotional spotlight feature on The Channel 46 site
  • 2. Free product listings on The Channel 46 Shop
  • 3. Group interaction with other SS members through workshops, online and offline meetups
  • 4. Expert-led text and video content by industry leaders
  • 5. Monthly digest of co-branding opportunities we can help you explore
  • 6. Access to free webinars, beginner’s courses, and downloadable guides

Membership: Pay-As-You-Go Features

  • 1. Reserve your seat at our weekly mentor masterclasses with dedicated time for Q&As
  • 2. Unlock access to intermediate and advanced courses to help you upskill in your field, (updated fortnightly)
  • 3. Enjoy secure one-on-one 45-minute interactions with another SS Club members to network, share and exchange ideas, explore synergies
  • 4. Engage with industry associates, angel investors, banking institutions and accelerator programs at our bi-annual event
  • 5. Get special discounted rates for ad spots and promotional spots on The Channel 46 and The Channel 46 Shop

Excited to join our exclusive members-only
Self-Starters Club?