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    Why This Coffee-Flavoured Toothpaste Is All The Morning Buzz

    Wake up and smell the coffee… in your toothpaste! A review of Dente 91’s latest innovation in flavoured toothpaste for coffee lovers.

    Addicted To Social Media? Here’s How To Know When You Need Professional Hel

    Excessive use of social media can become excessive and compulsive, leading to negative consequences on both physical and mental health. Read on about its signs, impact, how to monitor its daily use, and when to seek medical help.

    11 Chair Yoga Asanas You Can Practice At Home

    Practice these easy yet effective chair yoga poses at home for overall health.

    Does SIZE Matter In The Bedroom—Is Bigger Really Better?

    In the game of huge D and small d, here’s busting 7 myths surrounding penis sizes. Read on.

    Treatment & Preventive Tips To Alleviate The Risks Of Tuberculosis Among Women

    Tuberculosis is one of the most infectious diseases around the world, second only to COVID-19. Read on to know some startling facts about the disease, along with its risks, signs, treatments, and preventive tips.

    Expert Talk: 5 Reasons Why a Gynaec May Put You On Birth Control That Have Nothing To Do With Preventing Pregnancy

    The Channel 45 caught up with Dr Madhushree Vijayakumar, Consultant - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, to know about the uses of birth control other than that of preventing pregnancy.

    Are Mangoes Good For Promoting Weight Loss & Diabetes? Know How To Make The Most Of Its Benefits

    Mangoes are one of the most nutritious fruits, packed with a whole lot of nutrients that nourishes our bodies. However, the fruit is marred with several ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, and myths. Read on to know whether they are safe for people with diabetes and weight issues.

    International Day Of Happiness 2023: 5 Tips To Practice Gratitude In Your Life

    Read on to know how you can embrace happiness in your life, along with the history, significance, and interesting facts about International Day of Happiness.

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