Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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    10 Plus-Size Fashion Ideas For The Sassy Divas

    Thodi patli ho jati na toh features ubhar ke aata, thodi patli ho jaati na toh yeh hota, thodi patli ho jaati na toh woh hota…and the list continues. Here are 10 plus-size outfit ideas that do justice to your beautiful curves.

    Buzz 46: 10 Classic Neetu Singh Fashion Moments Jo Absolute Goals Hai

    Birthday girl Neetu Singh gave up her Bollywood career and settled down to enjoy marital bliss. But her impeccable sense of fashion is definitely one of the reasons why the shutterbugs never seem to leave her. Here’s are 5 iconic looks over the years.

    Self-Starter: The Cai Store’s Aradhana & Dhanraj Minawala Shares Tips On Building A Brand Beyond Vegan Footwear

    Aradhana & Dhanraj Minawala, Co-founders of The Cai Store, seem to have cracked what it takes to create a strong identity for themselves that goes beyond vegan footwear. Read on to know about how they built the brand from scratch.

    Ladies, Yeh Rahe 6 Pro Tips You Should Know Before Shopping For Bras—

    Bra shopping can seem like an overwhelming task considering the sizes, styles, and materials that they are available in. But there's no scope for worry because here are 6 pro tips for you to buy the right one.

    The List: 7 Badhiya Silk Saree Brands In India For Quality Handlooms

    Silk sarees ka naam sunte hi, your mind conjures up images of extravagant and shaahi looks. And why wouldn’t it? So here are 7 silk saree brands for you to shops from.

    Style City: 9 Badhiya Stores To Shop For Bandhani Sarees In Ahmedabad

    Bandhani ke baare mein suna hi hoga. Here are 9 Bandhani saree shops in Ahmedabad you can choose from to complete your visit to the city. 

    Budget Shopper: Top 10 Behtareen & Comfortable Wedge Heel Pairs Under Rs 1,500

    Ah, no number of footwear can ever be quite enough for girls. Can they? So here's your opportunity to add a few more stylish yet affordable wedges in your footwear collection.

    The List: 10 Trendy Saree Styles To Get Shaadi-Ready For The Wedding Season

    Shaadi ka season aate hi everyone starts fussing over their last minute outfit for every ceremony. So here are 10 saree styles to make the wedding days memorable by looking breathtaking. 

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