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TC46 Unplugged: Straight Talk From A Curly-Haired Girl

"All my favourites, Beyonce, Shakira, Sarah Jessica Parker, Janet Jackson, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts were flaunting their curls. Locally speaking, Kareena Kapoor's hair in Yuva and Kangana Ranaut's in Gangster had their own fan following." Observations that changed how the author, a curly haired girl, perceived her hair. Read up on her life that literally revolved around her hair woes and how she's learned to tame it now.

TC46 Unplugged: “When I Shared My Miscarriage Story, Many Women Known To Me Said They Had Been Through The Same Thing”

The only objective of me sharing my experience is to spread awareness about miscarriages being far more common than what people might believe. I expect to reach out to those in need of solace during these tough times. Read about the author's tormenting experience of a miscarriage and how she feels that we, as a society, need to open up about this subject to mentally prepare other couples to cope with a similar situation, should it arise.

TC46 Unplugged: A Daughter-In-Law Will Never Be Treated Like A Daughter

"Despite being diagnosed of depression, my mother-in-law didn’t stop harassing me, egging me on towards trying to commit suicide twice." Read the author's story about harassment by in-laws that led to depression and suicidal tendencies, and how she overcome her mental health condition.

TC46 Unplugged: My Doctor’s PCOS Prescription, “Lose 15kgs And You’ll Be Fine. And Take This Birth Control Pill; It May Cause Weight Gain.”

When I was first diagnosed, I felt ignored by my healthcare team. Today, I am on a long-term PCOS management plan that actually works for me. Read my story here.

TC46 Unplugged: Acknowledging Stress & Treating It As A Life Lesson

My body was telling me something though I was not equipped to listen to the message. Neither was I able to do much about the stress I was experiencing.

TC46 Unplugged: My Battle Scars Caused By Micro-Aggression & Sexually-Coloured Verbal Abuse At Work

The workplace, our second home, plays an essential role in nurturing our mental health. Being a misfit at the workplace can cause trauma and snowball into a mental health problem.

TC46 Unplugged: From Wildlife Safaris To Tiger Tracking, The Untamed Tale Of How I Found My Passion

"I felt my survival instinct soar to match the magnanimity and confidence of the beast." The author's life took an incredible turn when she met a tigress on a jungle safari. Read all about it here.

TC46 Unplugged: Can You Be The Change You Want To See? Well, I Try My Hardest Every Single Day!

"It's a journey and I'm nowhere close to the destination, but I feel more prepared." Akshita Gupta shares how her own insecurities led her to build a secure space where women can learn and grow without judgement.

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