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Monday, May 23, 2022

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    TC46 Unplugged: From Wildlife Safaris To Tiger Tracking, The Untamed Tale Of How I Found My Passion

    "I felt my survival instinct soar to match the magnanimity and confidence of the beast." The author's life took an incredible turn when she met a tigress on a jungle safari. Read all about it here.

    TC46 Unplugged: Can You Be The Change You Want To See? Well, I Try My Hardest Every Single Day!

    "It's a journey and I'm nowhere close to the destination, but I feel more prepared." Akshita Gupta shares how her own insecurities led her to build a secure space where women can learn and grow without judgement.

    TC46 Unplugged: Finding My Way Out Of PCOS & Things I Wish Other Women With PCOS Knew & Understood

    “I gained a lot of weight, which is natural after pregnancy, right? What was not normal was the problems that came along with it.” Deep Health Coach and Founder of Nourish With Sim Simrun Chopra talks about dealing with PCOS the right way.

    TC46 Unplugged: India’s Need for Charity & Why I Value Social Work

    “Indian culture itself has always embraced the value of ‘daan’, and associated it with gaining ‘good karma’ in return”. Founder & President of Wishes and Blessings NGO, Dr Geetanjali Chopra talks about the changing world of charity.

    TC46 Unplugged: The Weight Of Words & Their Impact On My Mental Health & Body Image

    “Puberty hit me like a bag of bricks at 13—I went from a lanky, hyperactive child to an overweight, shy teen. The changes in my body along with the negative male gaze and judgmental public gaze put an end to my happy, chirpy personality.”

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