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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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    Buzz 46: Husbands On Their Wives Refusing Sex, As Per A National Survey (& 4 Other Revelations)

    A significant 66% of men believe that their wives have the right to refuse sex if they are not up for it. However, all the statistics revealed by the National Family Health Survey-5 (2019-21) does not paint a positive picture of India.

    Love Bombing Kya Hai? 10 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Doing This To You

    Pyaar ka pehla pehla nasha…the feeling of being in love feels ethereal. But what if he is smothering you with love and attention all the time?

    8 Desi Nuskhe For Removing Sunspots & 4 Tips To Prevent Them (& 4 Possible Medical Treatments)

    Sunspots are harmless, but they sure do affect the appearance of your otherwise sundar skin. Here's how you can prevent and treat them.

    10 Ways To Make Paani Your Best Friend During Summer (& 11 Do’s & Don’ts To Stay Fresh)

    You only tend to grab a glass of paani when you feel thirsty, right? But is that really enough? Here's what to do to stay hydrated during summer.

    Mother’s Day Special: 7 Favourite Mom-Centric Movies & Shows On OTT Platforms That Celebrate Your Maa

    It is difficult to put into words what mothers mean to us. Jitna bolo utna hi kam par jata hai. Here are 7 mom-centric movies and shows on OTT platforms that are worth a mention. 

    Expert Talk: 5 Ways To Reverse PCOS & Treat Irregular Periods (Bonus: A Nutritionist Recommended Indian PCOS Diet Plan)

    If you’ve been struggling with irregular periods and other PCOS-related symptoms, here’s what a gynaecologist and a nutritionist want you to know.

    To Be A Maa, Or Not To Be

    Motherhood implies the feeling of wanting to love, to care and to nourish. This Mother’s Day, let’s honour the emotion, not the method. And let's raise a toast to all forms of motherhood.

    10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Night Yaadgaar

    Here are 10 first night tips to make the first night after your wedding memorable, cherish the moments, and kickstart your married life on a sweet note.

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