Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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    Buzz 46: Muharram Significance & History For Shia & Sunni Muslims (& 2 Delicacies For The Daawat)

    Muharram is celebrated in different ways by Shia and Sunni Muslims owning to the different folklore that surround the holy month. Read on to know about its history, significance, traditional customs, and delicacies of the holy month.

    7 Ways To Celebrate Friendship Day (& Dosto Ko Kya Gift Kare?)

    Friends make our lives so full of life and laughter. And, hence, they deserve to be celebrated. Here are some celebratory and gift ideas to make the day memorable.

    5 Underrated Female Friendships Where Women Work #BetterTogether

    There are several female friendships that exist outside of our friends' circle that we don't give enough credit to. Here are five you should value.

    Self-Starter: Drink With D Wine Solutions’ Devati Mallick On Starting Out As A Wine Sommelier

    In collaboration with The Channel 46, Devati Mallick, Founder of Drink With D Wine Solutions, sheds light on how she laid the foundation of her entrepreneurial venture and her milestones. She also offers advice to youngsters nurturing dreams of joining the field and expert tips on getting started. 

    5 Food BFFs That Work #BetterTogether

    There are certain delicacies that are fascinating in their own right but taste even better when they're paired with their BFF. Here are 5 such food BFFs that complement each other beyond what words can explain.

    7 DIY Flower Vase Decoration & Arrangement Ideas Ghar Ke Makeover Ke Liye

    A beautiful vase is an integral part of a breathtaking flower arrangement. But that doesn't necessarily mean you need to rush to the store right away or spend a fortune to get your hands on one that catches your fancy! Here are 7 DIY flower vase decoration ideas to get you started.

    10 Mazedar Beverage Recipes That Are Cooling & Refreshing—Cocktails, Coolers & More!

    There’s nothing like a refreshing drink in your hand after a very thaka hara din. Put your feet up, play some music, and let the troubles of the world fade away. Here are 10 delish recipes that you should try right now.

    Buzz 46: 7 UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites In India

    The UNESCO recognises 7 natural landscapes and wildlife reserves in India as World Heritage Sites. Let’s pay tribute to these 7 spots that have made it to the list of World Heritage Sites. 

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