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6 DIYs Using Malai For Soft & Supple Skin This Winter

Malai is an ancient remedy for our skin. Learn 6 DIYs using malai for soft and supple skin this winter on The Channel 46.

5 Alternatives To Gluten If You Are On A PCOS-Managing Diet

Discover 5 alternatives to gluten from a Nutritionist, for people with PCOS, and learn general tips to maintain a PCOS Diet. Visit Now!

A Beginner’s Guide To Lingerie!

This beginner's guide to lingerie will provide tips on choosing the right bra. Learn about sizing, styles, and prioritising comfort.

Daily Nutrition Made Effortless: 8 Naario Products You Need In Your Pantry

To make daily nutrition easy and effortless, here are 8 Naario products you need in your pantry! Learn why chemical-free food from Naario will change your life!

What Is Gaslighting & 5 Signs Your Partner Is Doing It To You

Not sure what gaslighting is? Here are 5 signs your partner might be doing it with you.

Buzz 46: 5 Bollywood Movies That Depicted Brother-Sister Relationships Beautifully

Bollywood has done a wonderful job in portraying some brother-sister duos that you’d love to watch time and again. here are 5 of them.

Expert Talk: A Nutritionist Recommends A Pregnancy Diet For The Last Trimester

Dr Kumar lists 14 foods you must include in your third trimester pregnancy diet. Read on.

7 Real-Life Bollywood Bhai-Behen Duos That Make Us Go Awww

Let’s take a look at the real life brother-sister duos from Bollywood that warms our hearts!

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