Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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    Self-Starter: Novelist Divita Aggarwal Advises Writers On How To Become Published Authors

    A published author, an entrepreneur, and founder of 3 NGOs, Divita Aggarwal shares her experiences of writing and has guidance for other aspiring authors.

    Self-Starter: Tata Trusts’ Amrita Patwardhan Gets Candid About The Importance Of Quality Education In A Country Like India

    This International Education Day, we caught up with a true changemaker who has over a decade of experience in the space, and is sharing ground realities about the education in India.

    8 Things To Do for A Successful Career Break (& 6 Cues To Needing A Career Break)

    Time off from work needn’t be a scary thing. Here’s how you can ensure your career break doesn’t become a growth break—personally and professionally.

    Leena Nair Named as New Chanel CEO & 5 Other Women Shattering The Glass Ceiling

    This past week Gita Gopinath was appointed as the first deputy managing director of IMF- a great feat for anyone. In honour of Gita, we at TC46 decided to explore the other incredible women out there who are breaking the glass ceiling.

    Ambition Does Not Mean A Lack Of Sanskaar: Real Women Crush Sexist Stereotypes

    You must quit your job after getting married or you won’t be able to maintain the ‘balance’ of your family. How many times have you heard your family members say this? TC46 connected with real women who share their opinions about this typecast.

    International Equal Pay Day: Lawyers’ Take On Equal Pay Rights For Women In India

    Despite policies and legislations, gender equality is still a pipe dream for several Indians. One such aspect that takes a hit again and again is the wage difference between genders. TC46 brings you the facts straight from the experts.

    Real Women Share Their Best Comebacks For Relatives Who Think Women Only Belong In The Kitchen

    There’s no law stopping women from working after marriage and achieving great heights. So why let any rishtedaar hamper your success? 20 women give their best comebacks that you can put to use!

    6 Networking Tips To Put You On The Leadership Track By Shital Kakkar Mehra

    You know that a successful leader understands the importance of networking. But what are some of the best practices to adopt and why? Executive Presence Coach Shital Kakkar Mehra explains it all.

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