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    Budget Shopper: 7 Hair Oils Under Rs 750 For Strong, Luscious Zulfein

    Come winter and your hair fall becomes more pronounced, not that it gets any better during summer. And, oh monsoon, the lesser said, the better. So, here are 7 hair growth oils under 750 that you can pick from.

    Beauty Nuskhe: 5 Aloe Vera DIY Hair Recipes To Treat Dandruff In This Sardi

    The pesky dandruff problem rears its ugly head even more during winters. but not when you use DIY home remedies with natural ingredients like aloe vera. Know the benefits of aloe vera in combatting dandruff and follow 5 home remedies using its gel.

    6 Aasan DIY Home Remedies To Treat A Scalp Buildup

    If you thought a scalp buildup is the same as dandruff, dig deeper! Here's explaining what scalp build is, listing home remedies to treat it, and also a few preventive tips.

    11 Ayurveda-Inspired Tips For Healthy Zulfein During Winters

    According to Ayurveda, 3 hair problems that are likely to get aggravated are dandruff, dryness, and hair fall. Here are 11 hair care tips that you should follow during winters.

    Beauty Nuskhe: DIY Flaxseed Home Remedies For Thick, Lambi Zulfein

    Rich in fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and protein, flaxseeds are a boon for hair health. Here are some DIY remedies with flaxseeds that you can include in your haircare routine, irrespective of your hair type.

    Beauty Nuskhe: 5 Baking Soda Shampoo Recipes For Your Hair

    The simplest, easiest, and the most beneficial hair care hacks are those that are readily available in your kitchen. Ones that you should totally make use of for healthy, luscious hair. And one of these ingredients is our humble baking soda. Learn more about some desi nuskhe using baking soda, its many benefits, how to use it, and possible side-effects.

    7 Zabardast Actives You Should Look Out For In Your Hair Care Products

    In collaboration with The Channel 46, Bhaskara Seth, Co-Founder of Neemli Naturals, lists 7 active ingredients that can transform your hair care routine.

    TC46 Approved: 5 Reasons THIS Hair Oil Is A Curly Hair Girl’s Best Friend

    While most of us can't wait to wash off hair oil after a champi, leaving that oil in is a great idea if you're a curly-haired girl. Worried it may weigh your curls down or even make your hair look greasy? Chances are you're not using the right hair oil, in that case. Here's a one-stop hair oil from Fix my Curls for all the curly haired beauties, along with a whole lot of hair care tips.

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