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7 Elegant Flower Hairstyles You Can Try This Wedding Season

Explore step-by-step guides for creating stunning flower hairstyles. Discover tips on flower selection, styling techniques, and maintaining freshness.

Find Your Fringe: How To Cut Bangs Based On The Shape Of Your Face

Bangs are highly versatile and face-framing locks of hair that have been a go-to hairstyle for decades. Their ability to instantly transform your look, accentuate your features, and add a touch of...

A Beginner’s Guide To Hair Care

A haircare expert decodes how a beginner can take care of her hair.

Expert Talk: A Dermat Explains Whether Scalp Massagers Can Promote Hair Growth

Experiencing heavy hair fall & wondering whether a massager will be of any use. A dermat explains the various causes of hair fall & discusses whether a massager can help in promoting hair growth.

8 Haircare Tips For Those Lazy Days

A haircare expert recommends hair care tips for the lazy girls out there. Read on & make the most of these smart hacks.

Buzz 46: How Birthday Celeb Taapsee Pannu Takes Care Of Her Beautiful Curls

The actor shares her curly hair care secrets for all you curly beauties out there. Read on.

Beauty Nuskhe: 5 Home Remedies To Tame Frizzy Hair This Monsoon Season

You cannot escape frizzy hair during the monsoon. But here aresome DIYs & product recommendations to keep your frizzy hair in check.

Beauty Nuskhe: 5 Coconut Oil DIYs To Treat Dandruff This Monsoon Season

The humble and versatile coconut oil can fix that frizz, help you arrest hair fall, and get rid of dandruff during the rainy season.

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