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    LOL Edition: 5 Secrets You Only Share With Your Brother, Your Original Partner In Crime

    You obviously share a host of well-kept secrets with him, all of which remain tightly under wraps even to this day. Because who two share a special bond that is like no other. On Raksha Bandhan (11th August), let's jog your memories with 5 such secrets that you share with your original partner in crime.

    Shaadi Ke Side Effects 

    Girls, the ever after does exist. Maybe not in the Karan Johar style as you would have imagined, but it does. Not the filmy style happy. Rather the roller coaster style happy, with its ups and downs. With new twists and turns daily. Where each day is different.

    5 Underrated Brother-Sister Relationships All Women Have

    Not all brothers are necessarily born from the same womb. There are brothers from another mother, who stay by you through thick and thin. Here are 5 such underrated brother-sister relationships that deserve to be celebrated not just this Raksha Bandhan (11th August) but throughout the year.

    Buzz 46: 5 Lessons From Darlings

    The last couple of years have seen the rise of relatively progressive, female-centric content. One such film is the recent, much-talked about Darlings, starring Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah. Here’s 5 takeaways from the film.

    8 Aasaan Handmade Rakhi Ideas To Make Your Raksha Bandhan Extra Special

    If you want to get creative and plan to tie a handmade rakhi around your brother's wrist, here are 8 DIY ideas for you to experiment with.

    Buzz 46: Muharram Significance & History For Shia & Sunni Muslims (& 2 Delicacies For The Daawat)

    Muharram is celebrated in different ways by Shia and Sunni Muslims owning to the different folklore that surround the holy month. Read on to know about its history, significance, traditional customs, and delicacies of the holy month.

    7 Ways To Celebrate Friendship Day (& Dosto Ko Kya Gift Kare?)

    Friends make our lives so full of life and laughter. And, hence, they deserve to be celebrated. Here are some celebratory and gift ideas to make the day memorable.

    5 Underrated Female Friendships Where Women Work #BetterTogether

    There are several female friendships that exist outside of our friends' circle that we don't give enough credit to. Here are five you should value.

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