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Buzz 46: 6 Gift Ideas You Can Consider For This Parsi New Year 

Gifting is an essential part of Navroz celebration. Explore 6 innovative ideas for Parsi New Year gifts, along with the customs and traditions of the day.

15 Independence Day Ideas To Celebrate The Day With Friends, Family & At Work

Here are exciting ways by which you can celebrate Independence Day with friends & family as well as at work.

Friends Like Sisters: 7 Signs Your BFF Is Also Your Behen From Another Motherrash

You & your BFF are like two peas in a pod. Here are 7 signs your friend forever is like your sister from another mother.

Quiz: Monica, Rachel, Phoebe—Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Character Are You?

Monica, the cleanliness freak, Rachel, the spontaneous one, or Phoebe, the weird free spirit - which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. personality are you?

7 Celebrity BFFs Who Have Been Together Through Thick & Thin 

Here are 7 celebrity BFFs in Bollywood and the beautiful bond of friendship that they share among them. 

5 Zodiac Sign Pairs That Make Great BFFs & Romantic Partners, Too!

Certain zodiac signs work better together as friends and romantic partners as compared to the other zodiacs. Who are they? Let's find them out here.

Buzz 46: 5 Celebs Who Married Their Best Friends

When we get to see our most favourite celebs marrying their best friends, it gives us jitters and butterflies, and whatnot. Here are 5 B’wood celebs who married their best friends.

4 DIY Friendship Bands To Express Your Gratitude To Your Besties This Friendship Day

Here are 4 DIY ideas for friendship band to tell your friends that they matter. Read on

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