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Highway 46: 5 Indian Destinations That Are Behtar Than Any International Holiday

India with all its dynamic and vibrant diversity never fails to mesmerise. And that holds true for our landscapes and natural beauty too - mountains, beaches, forests, desert, mangroves - name it and we flaunt it with pride. So much so that we don’t need to travel outside our country to fulfil our desire of experiencing a certain topography. Here are 5 places in India that bear uncanny resemblance to international destinations.

Highway 46: 7 Destination Wedding Places In India To Get Married Dhoom Dhaam Se

Big Fat Indian Weddings is quite the thing, and with that, comes the increasing more popular concept of destination weddings. Here are 7 most popular locations in India where you can plan your destination wedding.

Highway 46: 11 Destinations In Kashmir That Are Jannat On Earth

It is for a reason that Jammu and Kashmir is considered to be heaven on earth. Kisi ne sahi kahan tha ki jannat yahi hai. Here are 11 destinations you pick from when you plan to visit the sartaaj of India, along with a few smart travel tips.

Highway 46: 5 Sabse Mazedaar Bachelorette Destinations In India

Before you start a new chapter in your life after your wedding, spend undiluted time with your girl gang. Because you aren’t sure when you’ll be able to do that next with all the impending responsibilities of a new life ahead. Know more about these 5 destinations you can pick for a perfect bachelorette.

Highway 46: 6 Holiday Destinations Jo Bollywood Celebs Ke Favourite Hai

Bollywood celebs have often made headlines with their expensive holiday getaways. Pictures of lavish hotels, exquisite food, and magnificent views of nature strewn all over social media raise all the ‘ooh’ and the ‘aah’ from their fans. Know more about 6 such holiday destinations that are favourites among B-town celebs.

Highway 46: 5 Indian Destinations To Visit Before You’re 30 (& A Bucket List Of Things To Do There!)

Not that life should come to a standstill the moment you turn 30, but life starts happening starting your late teens, if not earlier. So, planning vacations and exploring the bohemian in you should start way before you hit the third decade of your life. Young, wild, and life - remember? Know more about these 5 Indian destinations that you should plan trips to before you turn 30, along with the activities that you must indulge in while you’re there.

Highway 46: 10 Trekking Destinations In India That Are Like Jannat In Winter

Indulge your inner Vasco Da Gama by planning a trek to at least one of the magnificent trekking destinations in India enlisted here during winter. Also, find the list of necessary items you must pack and tips to remember before you go trekking.

Highway 46: 5 Ati Sundar Beach Destinations With The Clearest Blue Waters

For those who love the sea in all its wonderful, ever-changing hues across all seasons, it’s a love affair that cannot be described in words. If you’re planning a trip to a beach destination, check out these 5 places to know more about them.

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