Monday, October 3, 2022

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    11-Point Guide To Pairing Gold Jewellery With Sarees

    In collaboration with The Channel 46, Tipstfly - a contemporary fashion jewellery brand - offers tips on how to style different gold jewellery pieces with the 9 yards.

    Self-Starter: Aditi Motla, Aashna Sangani Parikh & Ashish Virwani Offers Tips On A Fashion Jewellery Brand

    In collaboration with The Channel 46, Aditi Motla, Aashna Sangani Parikh & Ashish Virwani, Co-Founders of Tipsyfly, share how they got started, their milestones, tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, and much more.

    5 Footwear Styles That Are Saviours In This Baarish Ka Mausam

    In collaboration with The Channel 46, Laksheeta Govil, Founder of Fizzy Goblet, shares fashion tips on 5 footwear styles that you should experiment with this monsoon. Also, know about how to take care of your footwear during this season.

    11 Back-To-Work Sterling Silver Jewellery Pieces You’re Going To Want To Add To Cart, Right Now!

    An integral part of workwear, silver jewellery takes the cake when it comes to wearability, versatility, and affordability. Today, we’ve handpicked 11 stunning jewellery pieces that are perfect for work wear and daily wear, too.

    Self-Starter: The Cai Store’s Aradhana & Dhanraj Minawala Shares Tips On Building A Brand Beyond Vegan Footwear

    Aradhana & Dhanraj Minawala, Co-founders of The Cai Store, seem to have cracked what it takes to create a strong identity for themselves that goes beyond vegan footwear. Read on to know about how they built the brand from scratch.

    Ladies, Yeh Rahe 6 Pro Tips You Should Know Before Shopping For Bras—

    Bra shopping can seem like an overwhelming task considering the sizes, styles, and materials that they are available in. But there's no scope for worry because here are 6 pro tips for you to buy the right one.

    Budget Shopper: Top 10 Behtareen & Comfortable Wedge Heel Pairs Under Rs 1,500

    Ah, no number of footwear can ever be quite enough for girls. Can they? So here's your opportunity to add a few more stylish yet affordable wedges in your footwear collection.

    Budget Shopper: 15 Paisa Vasool Flats Under Rs 1,500 You Need To Add To Cart

    Whether you’re looking for your next office loafers or doston ke saath hang out wale flats, here are 15 distinctly different and affordable flats you can snatch today for your feet.

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