Monday, October 3, 2022

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    Buzz 46: 9 Navratri Makeup Ideas For Ati Uttam Festive Looks

    With November almost rolling in, garba nights are just around the corner. Navratri ke aate hi everyone is ready to flaunt their brightest lehengas, glowy makeup, and smooth moves. Here are 9 Makeup looks you must try this festive season.

    6 Signs Poor Scalp Health Is Causing Your Hair Fall & 6 Remedies To Fix It

    A dry flaky scalp, or even an oily scalp that makes your hair look flat and shiny, are both signs that the sebum levels in your scalp are irregular. And these are just surface-level problems. A host of scalp conditions could be causing your hair to fall that you may not even know of yet.

    TC46 Approved: 5 Tried & Tested Hair Care Products That Are Worth Trying

    Those hairdos and hair gels during Navratri can ruin the health of your precious tresses. Bur, not if you take care of your hair consciously. We've got you covered with 5 hair care products that you can try to maintain your luscious hair.

    Expert Talk: 6 Skincare Actives That Are A Vardaan For Removing Blackheads

    The Channel 46 has collaborated with The Cosmetics Cop, American talk show radio host, author and businesswoman Paula Begoun, to offer expert tips on skincare actives that are effective in removing blackheads for their heads.  

    Beauty Nuskhe: 8 DIY Recipes To Nourish Your Hair With The Goodness Of Sesame Oil

    The benefits of sesame oil are not restricted to Vitamin E and B complex along with minerals like magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Know its other benefits of your hair and make the best use of it with these 8 hair care remedies.

    Budget Shopper: 11 Niacinamide Serums Under Rs 700 That Are Full Paisa Vasool Skincare

    From treating acne scars and dark spots to improving your skin tone and texture, here are some options if you're in the market for quality niacinamide serums that are highly-effective, too.

    Beauty Nuskhe: 7 Lemon-Based Gharelu Remedies To Treat Dandruff

    Yes, the humble nimbu is a great desi nuskha to get rid of dandruff long term! Learn how to whip up hair treatment solutions with lemon in this article.

    7 Tips For Smudge-Proof Makeup That Looks Great All Day

    Given the humidity and this rainy weather, we couldn’t think of a better time to make note of expert tips for smudge-proof makeup from Gush beauty.

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