Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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    Buzz 46: SC’s Directive Against Police Atrocities On Sex Workers & 3 Other Breakthrough Judicial Judgements

    The kind of profession that sex workers are associated with gives a certain section of society to believe that it is their right to mistreat them. However, the Supreme Court's directive is a step towards the right direction.

    8 Garma Garam Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life! 

    Here are 8 ways for you to spice up your sex life and set it on fire again. All you need is some time and effort, sprinkled with lots of imagination, to unlock the pleasure paradise with your partner.

    10 Gazab Woman On Top Positions To Take Control Of Your Own Orgasm

    Whether you’re bilkul new to the scene or you’re just looking for spicing up your sex life, here’s how you can go about experimenting with some amazing woman on top positions.

    BDSM: 9 Rasile Terms You Need To Know If Pain Is Your Pleasure 

    If you are staring at the word in caps, thinking what it even means, here's what you need to know about it and other common BDSM terms.

    Buzz 46: Survey Reveals Most Husbands Believe Wives Have The Right To Refuse Sex

    A significant 66% of men believe that their wives have the right to refuse sex if they are not up for it. However, all the statistics revealed by the National Family Health Survey-5 (2019-21) does not paint a positive picture of India.

    10 Ways To Make Your Wedding Night Yaadgaar

    Here are 10 first night tips to make the first night after your wedding memorable, cherish the moments, and kickstart your married life on a sweet note.

    What’s A Hickey & 10 Ways To Cover Up That Love Bite (Because Mummy Maregi!)

    What is a hickey? Kyunki yeh pyaar ki nishani itni aasani se nahi jaati hai, here are 10 ways to get rid of or conceal a hickey.

    Can Women Get Medical Advice Without The Shame & Judgement, Please?

    Dr Aunty said, “Don’t worry, after the treatment, your husband will be happy and have no complaints.” My friend burst into tears as I sat there and contemplated if the doctor realised the weight of her words.

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