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    10 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She’s Having Sex

    Your mind wanders at times when you’re getting intimate with your partner. Just own it, will you? Here are 10 common thoughts women often have during sex. Go ahead and check whether you have similar thoughts too.

    10 Sabse Romantic Kissing Styles You Should Try With Your Partner

    Whether it’s your first kiss or you’re trying to ace the art of it, here are different types of kissing styles you can experiment with to build on a sizzling chemistry with your partner.

    Master The Art Of Edging & Orgasm Control For An Improved Sex Life

    Edging, also referred to as peaking, surfing, and teasing, among others, is the practice of stopping yourself just short of reaching orgasm when you are on the cusp. Know how you can edge when you're going as well as when you're with a partner, along with its benefits and risks.

    Gorom Lagche: 7 Face-Off Sex Positions That Aren’t Missionary

    Dal-sabzi badhiya hai. Par roz roz wahi ek hi dal, ek hi sabzi khana? Naah! You need a change of taste, right? And so does every aspect of your life. Like the missionary. Here are 7 face-off sex positions that ensure the same level of intimacy as the missionary, without the sex position feeling like a bore.

    3 Moments Flavoured Condoms Can Be Used For Other Than Sex

    Flavoured condoms have been around for quite some time now, but there are a lot of ifs and buts regarding their use. Here's answering when to use and when not to.

    Having Sex Makes Your Vagina Loose—Myth Or Fact? A Doctor Shares The Truth

    Dr Sanjay Kumavat, Consultant Psychiatrist & Sexologist, Fortis Hospital, Mumbai lays out five facts about the elasticity of the female vagina.

    11 Store-Bought & DIY Lubes To Make Sex More Pleasurable

    Everyone talks about sex positions and the exciting variety of condoms, albeit in super-hushed tones. Even sex toys have started getting some much-deserved attention. But lubes ke baare mein kya? Here are 11 store bought and DIY lubricants that you should put to good use to spruce it up between the sheets. 

    10 Compelling Reasons You Should Masturbate (Other Than The ‘O’bvious)

    It is also traditionally believed that masturbating is solely a man thing, which is so not true. Because it opens up a far more than what you may already know about or what you can imagine. Know more about the 10 reasons why you should let your fingers do all the talking.

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