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    Feminism Within The Patriarchal Parivaar

    "Extended family dinners being about an entire family seated around the dining table, while women served them only to eat last. Sons and even more particularly sons-in-law were treated like Gods." Read on to know about the author's views about silent patriarchy in modern families and how that moulded the feminist in her.

    Love Aaj, Kal… Aur Parso

    "The ultimate step to ensure that love (let’s be honest, lust) became driven by an algorithm. Modern day convenience suggesting who you should fall in love with based on geography." Know about the author's take on love of the 90s to modern love that happens at first swipe.

    How P-Dramas Made Their Way Into Our Hearts

    "... And slowly but gradually, as audiences evolved, the TV landscape changed. With people demanding more realistic content over dramatic ones. Our filmmakers in India constantly tried new things, and so perhaps when a show like Zindagi Gulzaar Hai hit our screens, people lapped it up." Read to know about the author's take on why Pakistani dramas enjoy a loyal fanbase.

    (Celebrity) Baby On Board

    "One could safely argue that celebrity babies are the new celebrities themselves. Right from Taimur Ali Khan, who made the paps and the commoners alike, swoon over his drop-dead gorgeous looks. To Virat & Anushka’s Vamika - whose pictures were widely circulated despite the desperate parents making repeated requests to the media to not share pictures, to of course now the #RaLia baby." Read on to know the author's take on our obsession for celeb kids.

    How ‘Jab We Met’ Became The Love Anthem For Our Generation

    "Despite the usual Bollywood flavour of the song-and-dance routine, some old school romance, and the very predictable happily-ever-after, the movie hit notes where few movies had gone before." Read to know the author's take on Jab We Met on its 15th anniversary.

    The Rishi In The White Man’s Land

    As Rishi Sunak takes his place as the newly elected Prime Minister of The United Kingdom, the author reminiscences how far Indians have progressed from being colonised to the country getting its foothold on the world map today.

    The Rise Of The Small Town Girl

    There have been a multitude of changes over the past few years that have made women from Tier 2 cities stronger and comfortable in their own skin. Read about the author's take on factors that have made this happen.

    Ghardaari – Naari ki Zimmedari?

    The lockdown last year acted as a huge leveller in many ways...And while that did help get men a little more involved at home, the onus of kitchen work always lay on women. It seems their part of the chores were restricted to doing ‘manly’ things like getting the groceries, teaching the kids math, lifting and rearranging things, and cleaning the pankha—ladko wale kaam. However, brands like Wonderchef go the extra mile with their millennial-friendly range of cookware that makes cooking a fun activity for couples.

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