Friday, October 7, 2022

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    Arranged Marriages, Mismatched Couples & More

    "...don't let these women (or men!) talk you into getting married to someone you may not necessarily want to, because otherwise you will end up alone. Because trust me, if I could find someone, you will do, too." Read about the author's take on Indian marriages, Sima Aunty, and more.

    Shaadi Ke Side Effects 

    Girls, the ever after does exist. Maybe not in the Karan Johar style as you would have imagined, but it does. Not the filmy style happy. Rather the roller coaster style happy, with its ups and downs. With new twists and turns daily. Where each day is different.

    Aaj Ki Dulhan, Kaisi Ho? The Millenial Bride Memo

    I remember seeing pictures of my mother at her own wedding, and out of curiosity, I asked her why in most pictures, she kept looking down. And smiling in very few. Arre, my Kanpur wali masi had strictly told me not to look into the camera...Doesn't give a good impression if the bride looks too confident. But times have changed since then. So how do modern day brides behave?

    Period Pain – Sach Ya Jhooth?

    Studies suggest that severe menstrual cramps can hurt as much as labour pain. Yet, somehow a lot of men (and sadly, other women), don’t think that being on your period is really a big deal. Read on to know about the author's take on the subject.

    Yes, We Cannes!

    Look around, and you’ll see Indian women taking the global stage by storm, wherever they go. And not just fitting in, rather standing out. Read the Next Door Naari's take on desi India making her presence felt on the global stage.

    To Be A Maa, Or Not To Be

    Motherhood implies the feeling of wanting to love, to care and to nourish. This Mother’s Day, let’s honour the emotion, not the method. And let's raise a toast to all forms of motherhood.

    Can Women Get Medical Advice Without The Shame & Judgement, Please?

    Dr Aunty said, “Don’t worry, after the treatment, your husband will be happy and have no complaints.” My friend burst into tears as I sat there and contemplated if the doctor realised the weight of her words.

    Tick Tick Tick: Goes My Biological Clock

    "The least we can do is be insensitive of the life decisions of others. And as for clocks, let them do what they do best - tick. And not take life decisions for you." Read up on the author's take on society dictating terms to women regarding marriage, childbirth, and whatnot.

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