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    Self-Starter: Opal Dental Care Studio Co-Founder Dr Aastha Chandra On Pioneering A New-Age Dental Practice

    The Channel 46 caught up with Dr Aastha Chandra, Co-Founder of Opal Dental Care Studio, who talks about her entrepreneurial journey so far and offers expert advice to dentists nurturing ambitions of setting up their own practice.

    Self-Starter: Pinky Promise’s Divya Balaji Kamerkar On Creating A Confidential & Reliable Platform For Women’s Healthcare

    The Channel 46 caught up with Divya Balaji Kamerkar, Founder of Pinky Promise, who sheds light on the existing scenario with respect to women’s healthcare in India and how her organisation strives to change the despicable reality. She discusses her milestones, monetisation strategy, experiences, and much more from her entrepreneurial journey so far.

    11 Habits Entrepreneurs Should Practice, One Woman To Another

    The Channel 46 caught up with Meeta Gutgutia, Founders of Women Listed & Sipping Thoughts, & Co-Founder of FernsNPetals, who lists some habits women entrepreneurs should practice, based on learnings that she has gathered over the years through her entrepreneurial journey. 

    Vocal For Local: Spotlighting 3 Women-Led Brands In Gifting & Cold-Pressed Oils

    Checkout the 3 women-led brands we’re cheering on this week. Come, lend them some much-deserved support.

    Self-Starter: Tips From Founders Of Azure Interiors Ruchi Gehani & Rashi Bothra On Building An Interior Design Firm

    The Channel 46 caught up with the Founders of Azure Interiors, Ruchi Gehani & Rashi Bothra, who speak their heart out about the inspiration behind their interior design firm, marketing strategy, and their first milestone, and share expert advice for entrepreneurs wanting to make it big in this field.

    8-Step Guide On How To Become A Shandaar Wedding Planner

    If you have a knack for event management and entrepreneurship, there’s no more suitable profession for you than becoming a wedding planner. Here's a guide on how you can become a wedding planner and also become aware of the risks associated with the business.

    How Food Brand Naario Is Helping Women Become Financially Independent Micro-Entrepreneurs

    A community-driven organic food brand, Naario partners can earn anywhere from Rs 5,000 to Rs 35,000 a month. 

    Self-Starter: Entrepreneurial Tips From Aparna Kaushik, The Founder Of Aparna Kaushik Design Group

    The Channel 46 collaborated with Aparna Kaushik, the Founder of Aparna Kaushik Design Group, who shares her story behind being in the field of architecture and offers expert advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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