Who We Are

The Channel 46 is a content-commerce-community platform dedicated to the many faces of Indian women. We put you on the road to your own personal evolution by giving you the tools, tricks, and resources you need to get there. In the end, we’re here to help you be better at whatever you choose to do.

Why We Exist

There’s probably never been a better time to be a woman. And if there’s one thing that ties all us in a common thread, it’s the inherent desire to become ‘just a little better’ every day. At home. At work. At the big things, and small.
As a digital destination for growth and learning, we’re an ecosystem where tiffin box recipes and corporate lunches, karva chauth fasts and working moms, DIYs and product hauls, and period talk and sexual pleasure co-exist. A safe space, free from judgement and bias.

Our Core Values

A team of strong-willed women supported by strong-willed men, everything about The Channel 46 is designed to educate, engage, and elevate the Bhartiya Naari. We believe in the #PowerOfThePack. The power of women supporting women—raising themselves and each other without putting any one down.

How We Can Help You

Join the Pack to chart your own learning curve. Become part of a community of women who cheer each other on, and access our integrated platform of content-commerce-community to amplify your voice, your business, your social circle, and your professional network.

An Ode To The Bhartiya Naari

What we know to be true is that Indian women —from Benares to Bengaluru, running around in keds or kolhapuris, with laptop bags or tiffin boxes— may harbour big and small desires to work on themselves.

And we’re living for this evolution; a desire to grow, a desire to be better, little by little, every single day.

Harnessing the power of content, commerce, and community, we’ve built ourselves to be a purpose-oriented platform —and our purpose is YOU.

Our purpose is to help you find a way to chart your own learning curve at whatever you choose to do, while still making it fun.

Think of us as your 4am friend,
your guide to DIY beauty & life,
your favourite +1 while shopping
your mentor in the boardroom,
your small business cheerleader.

We’re here to support your desire to be a little more at whatever you choose to do, without judgement. We exist to educate, inspire, and elevate the quality of your life.

We exist because as a women-led organisation, we believe in the ‘Power of the Pack’, the power of women supporting women.

So let’s learn more, grow more, do more, be more, together!