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Asana 46: 8 Best Yoga Asanas For Breast Cancer Survivors

Discover the healing power of yoga for breast cancer patients. Learn gentle yoga poses, stress reduction techniques, holistic benefits, precautions, and how to manage pain and promote emotional well-being.

Asana 47: 6 Yoga Asanas To Trim Your Double Chin For A Snatched Jawline

Try Out These Easy And Amazing 6 Yoga Asanas That Effectively Trim Your Double Chin To Give You A Snatched Jawline

Asana 46: 7 Yoga Poses For Perkier Breasts

Improve your breast health and get perkier boobs with these 7 yoga poses that stretch out your back and chest muscles!

Asana 46: PCOS And Yoga – Your Guide To Hormonal Balance And Wellness

PCOS and Yoga – Your Guide to Hormonal Balance and Wellness. Explore the connection, and learn new yoga poses to manage your PCOS.

Asana 46: 9 Yoga Poses To Help Treat Your Thyroid Condition

Discover these yoga poses to help manage your thyroid condition. These gentle exercises will complement your medical treatment and support overall thyroid health.

Fitspo: 5 Sara Ali Khan Workout Videos & 5 Diet Tips From Her 30 Kg Weight Loss

It takes hard work at the gym & a nutritious diet to look the way Sara Ali Khan does. Here's taking a peek into her fitness routine & diet.

Buzz 46: 5 Fitness Tips From Birthday Babe Jacqueline Fernandez

Love Jacqueline's toned abs, arms, & legs? Here are 5 fitness tips that she swears by.

Asana 46: 9 Yoga Poses To Help Treat Your Thyroid Condition

Thyroid giving you a tough time? Practice the yoga asanas here to keep the medical condition under check.

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