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Thursday, May 26, 2022

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    Vocal For Local: 3 Cheers To These Women-Led Brands In Sustainable Decor, Size-Inclusive Clothing & Vegan Leather Handbags 

    What we absolutely love is that women have come out of the shadows of oblivion across fields, and how! And that includes the challenge of entrepreneurship. Here are 3 such brands that deserve your attention.

    Self-Starter: Fashion Influencer & Designer Siddhi Karwa On Donning Multiple Hats With Aplomb

    In conversation with The Channel 46, Siddhi Karwa talks about her journey as a fashion influencer, advice for those who want to become a digital content creator, her collaboration with Kalki Fashion as a designer, and much more. 

    Buzz 46: Sonakshi Sinha Launches Beauty Brand SOEZI (& 13 Other B-Town Divas Who Are Entrepreneurs & Investors)

    Sonakshi is not the first or one of the few Bollywood divas to have jumped onto the entrepreneurial bandwagon. Here's 13 over B-town divas who are also entrepreneurs and investors.

    Vocal For Local: Boutique Chocolatier, Design Atelier & Indian Ethnic Wear – These Women-Led Brands Are Making Heads Turn

    This week, we’re cheering on three women-led small businesses that deserve your attention. Check them out!

    Self-Starter: Melissa Shoes’ Managing Director Ruchi Sally Shares Tips To Build A Brand Around Sustainable Fashion

    The footwear industry is largely dominated by materials that are a burden on the environment or claims lives. It’s time to bring in a positive change by introducing vegan, eco-friendly footwear, without compromising on fashion quotient and usability. And Ruchi Sally, Managing Director, Melissa Shoes India, does just that.

    Mother’s Day Special: Cheering On Our 3 Favourite Mompreneurs—Because Moms Have The Best Ideas!

    A boss at home and a boss at work, these female entrepreneurs cum mompreneurs have had to overcome a bucket list of obstacles to get where they are.

    Self-Starter: Archana Dhankar Gets Candid About The Struggle & Hustle Of Being A Content Creator

    Here are some tricks and tips from a content creator with 100,000 Instagram followers and a successful lifestyle blog called FashionForRoyals.

    World Veterinary Day Special: 10-Step Process To Start A Pet Care & Grooming Business Ghar Se

    If the smiles of furry friends make you go aww le le le, their eyes make you want to hug them, their cuteness compels you to tug on their cheeks, you should totally think about starting a pet grooming business.

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