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How Should You Remove Eye Makeup Correctly?

Enjoy this step-by-step guide on how to remove eye makeup, including tips on how to remove waterproof mascara and how to remove eye makeup without makeup remover.

Monsoon Makeup Tips To Defy The Rainy Days

A makeup expert shares a monsoon makeup guide for all of you lovelies! Read on.

7 Skin-Friendly Summer Makeup Tips

Your skin & hair care regimen should change every season to keep up with their own unique demands, and so should your makeup routine. Here are 7 fun yet easy hacks for you to follow.

Here’s How Everyone’s Applying Concealer In 2023

While there are a myriad of concealers you can invest in, here's an expert guide on how to use it right.

Basics Of Choosing & Applying Foundation That You Cannot Not Know

The Channel 46 caught up with Renee Cosmetics to guide you through the basics of selecting the right foundation for your skin tone, zeroing in on the perfect formula for yourself, and a few tricks you need to consider while applying it.

How To Apply Foundation Correctly & Ace Your Makeup Look

A quality foundation gives your face a smooth and even base for the rest of your makeup. S, you cannot botch up with this one. Here are tips to select the perfect foundation as per your skin tone, and application tips you should master to prepare that perfect base.

Guide 101 On How To Curl Your Eyelashes With A Curler (& Without It!)

Eye makeup ke bina makeup adhura reh jata hai. The better you curl your lashes, the better will the mascara look on you. Here are some hacks to define your lashes with and without a curler, and let the mascara do the talking for you.

6 Smart Ways To Cover Acne, Blackheads & Scars With (& Without) Makeup

Those pesky acne, pimples, blackheads and their scars are a part of life. But there are hacks you can use to get around them - with and without makeup. Listing some of the easiest ones right here,

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