Saturday, December 3, 2022

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    Beauty Nuskhe: 4 Korean Skincare Hacks For Your Precious Pout (& 3 DIY Lip Mask Recipes)

    The Channel 46 caught up with Laneige to know about some Korean skincare hacks that you should follow for a healthy pout.

    Beauty Nuskhe: Guide 101 On Flaxseeds For Ghane, Lambe Zulfein

    Rich in fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and protein, flaxseeds are a boon for hair health. Here are some DIY remedies with flaxseeds that you can include in your haircare routine, irrespective of your hair type.

    Beauty Nuskhe: 5 Baking Soda Shampoo Recipes For Your Hair

    The simplest, easiest, and the most beneficial hair care hacks are those that are readily available in your kitchen. Ones that you should totally make use of for healthy, luscious hair. And one of these ingredients is our humble baking soda. Learn more about some desi nuskhe using baking soda, its many benefits, how to use it, and possible side-effects.


    Vocal For Local: Spotlighting 3 Women-Led Brands In Fashion Ensemble, Wholesome Food Products & Vegan Gelato

    What we absolutely love is that women have come out of the shadows of oblivion, and how! They are making their presence felt everywhere and have made headway into male-dominated spheres that were once considered to be out of bounds. One such challenge is entrepreneurship. Here are 3 brands that you should check out.

    Self-Starter: SUGAR Cosmetics CEO Vineeta Singh On Building A Market Disruptor In The D2C Beauty Space

    Vineeta Singh opens up about her zeal for entrepreneurship, discusses her business mantras, and talks about what it takes to build a brand in the competitive beauty business.

    Vocal For Local: Cheering 3 Women-Led Brands In Lifestyle, Ayurvedic Hair & Skincare, & Art & Design Education

    This rebranded version of ‘Made In India’ has our support, and every week, TC46 spotlights small businesses and ventures you can champion and support easily through online and offline purchases. This week, we are focusing on 3 Indian brands


    TC46 Approved: 5 Reasons THIS Hair Oil Is A Curly Hair Girl’s Best Friend

    While most of us can't wait to wash off hair oil after a champi, leaving that oil in is a great idea if you're a curly-haired girl. Worried it may weigh your curls down or even make your hair look greasy? Chances are you're not using the right hair oil, in that case. Here's a one-stop hair oil from Fix my Curls for all the curly haired beauties, along with a whole lot of hair care tips.

    Budget Shopper: 10 Hyaluronic Acid Serums Under Rs 700 To Pick From

    Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a source of moisture for your skin that gives its natural sheen, slowing down the process of premature ageing. And that's just the beginning of all its pros for your skin. Here are 10 HA serums you can choose from.

    5 Swadisht Dal Recipes To Make Your Meals More Interesting

    In collaboration with The Channel 46, Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, Founder of Karigari, shares 5 dal recipes that you can try at home.