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Authentic Onam Special Food Recipes That Are A Must Try

Know the fascinating significance of celebrating Onam and a few easy recipes you can try your hands on.

Fitspo: 5 Sara Ali Khan Workout Videos & 5 Diet Tips From Her 30 Kg Weight Loss

It takes hard work at the gym & a nutritious diet to look the way Sara Ali Khan does. Here's taking a peek into her fitness routine & diet.

Buzz 46: Chocolate Recipes You Can Whip Up Jhat Se

Whip up these easy yet yummy chocolate recipes, & know about the origin & cool facts about chocolates. Read on.

5 Mango Pickle Recipes That Are Aam-Azing

Here are 5 yum mango pickle recipes from different corners of India. Which one would you like to try your hands on?

5 Ways Ditching Alcohol Will Make It Easier For You To Lose Weight

Here's discussing the adverse effects of alcohol on your efforts to cut down on your weight. Read on.

Expert Talk: Can Fish Oil Help With PCOS Weight Loss?

A nutritionist discusses how Omega-3 fatty acid helps in managing your weight, which in turn keeps your PCOS symptoms in check.

Expert Talk: 8 Positive Changes You’ll Notice On Following A Protein-Rich Diet Plan

A Clinical Dietician discusses 8 positive changes you will experience when your diet is rich in proteins. Read on.

Buzz 46: 12 Foolproof Ways To Ensure Food Safety At Home

Here are 12 simple ways to ensure your food is safe for consumption at home. Read on.

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