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    Buzz 46: 7 Authentic Makar Sankranti Recipes That Are Worth Relishing

    Like all festivals, Makar Sankrati too has a few sweet and savoury delicacies that are typical to this day. Here are 7 recipes that you should try your hands on.

    Guide 101 On Managing Extreme Sugar Cravings

    “Yaar, kuchh meetha khaane ka mann kar raha hai!” - you often find yourself blurting out to a friend. If you catch yourself saying this far too often, you are probably fighting an extreme sugar craving. Read on to know the reason behind why it happens, effective remedies, and healthy alternatives to assuage your sweet cravings.

    10 Easy & Swadisht Recipes Perfect For A New Year’s Eve House Party

    For every new beginning and every happy occasion, food occupies a very important place. So, if you're hosting a New Year house party, here are some delectable recipes you can pick from.

    Recipes 46: 5 Lazeez Starters You Can Serve At Your New Year’s House Party

    Listen up, home cooks! Learn how to make chicken kheema sliders, aloo nazakat, paneer pakoda, and more amazing starters here.

    5 Lajawab Recipes Of Traditional Christmas Delicacies For An Irresistible Feast

    25th December and no aroma of traditional Christmas delicacies wafting in the air at your home? Nah! So, try your hands at these awesome Christmas special foods that are worth a mention, especially during this time of the year. 

    How Food Brand Naario Is Helping Women Become Financially Independent Micro-Entrepreneurs

    A community-driven organic food brand, Naario partners can earn anywhere from Rs 5,000 to Rs 35,000 a month. 

    6 Types Of Beers & Swadisht Delicacies They Go Well With

    The Channel 46 caught up with The Flying Machine for a list of the most popular types of beers and a few yummy appetisers that complement each other perfectly.

    12 Sabse Badhiya Sources Of Zinc For A Stronger Immune System

    Zinc plays an essential role in DNA reaction, growth of cells, restoring tissue, and protein building. To top that, it plays an integral role in taste and smell too. Toh kaunse kaunse khaane mein zinc hota hai? Here are the benefits of zinc and foods that are rich in it.

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