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11 Pakistani TV Shows And Movies You Must Watch!

While Pakistani dramas were very popular in India in the 80s (some of us might have heard of shows like Dhoop Kinaray which had great viewership in India), in the last few years, they've become very popular again. While shows like Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Humsafar (and Fawad Khan!) have built quite a cult following in India, there are many other shows and movies from across the border that you could consider on your watchlist.

Real Girl Stories: Not Fair But Still Very Lovely—India’s Obsession With Fairness

Indians and their obsession with fairness, is something well known. It is almost a culturally ingrained fact that white is better! And who does this affect the most? Women. TC46 shares just some of the comments women have endured due to their skin colour- something they have no control over!

Desi Girl Stories: Real Women Talk About Their Experiences with Sexual Harassment

The Allahabad High Court's observation stating that oral sex with a minor does not come under the 'aggravated sexual assault' category under the Pocso Act has sparked a row on social media.

Desi Girl Stories: Real Women Take On Indian Aunties And Unsolicited Advice

Unsolicited advisors often hide behind the line “Tumhare bhalai ke liye bol rahe hai” In a culture that believes that ‘the elders know best’, women are more often than not subjected to pearls of wisdom from just about anyone. TC46 shares what real women think about this.

Buzz 46: Lilly Singh & 5 Other Celebs Share Their PCOS Stories (Shush No More!)

Mislabelling or under diagnosing women with PCOS prevents them from receiving care for their actual issue at the correct time. This PCOS Awareness Month, TC46 talks about the subject while highlighting stories that can help you with your journey.

Practical Tips About Living An Eco-Conscious And Sustainable Life From Real Women

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. There is a lot of talk about going green and we’ve got some women sharing their tried and tested practices to help the environment.

From Mother To Daughter: Real Women Share Stories Of Heirloom Jewels They Received From Their Moms

Mothers would want nothing but the best for their daughters, and this includes the heirloom pieces that they pass down to them, both as a gift and as a legacy. While recipes and photographs often feature in the keepsakes, jewellery still takes the crown.

Desi Girl Stories: 3 Women Share Their Pregnancy Journey During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Pregnancy always keeps you on your toes, and then came the pandemic. That is a curveball nobody saw coming. We share stories from 3 different moms about their experiences on pregnancy during these trying times.

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