Desi Girl StoriesMind Matters: Commonness Of Possible Depression Symptoms & 5 Mental Health Platforms

Mind Matters: Commonness Of Possible Depression Symptoms & 5 Mental Health Platforms

Mental health is still such a taboo topic that it conveniently gets swept under the carpet. Hence, so little is known about the subject and its possible symptoms. When the symptoms do occur, they are simply branded as PMS, mood swings, falana falana. People seldom think about seeking therapy and suitable treatment for combating it effectively, even when the depression symptoms get aggravated with time. Kyunki log kya kahenge if you opt for therapy or go to a psychologist! 

Yet the symptoms are so widespread that the topic of mental health is impossible to be kept under wraps any longer. Life takes a toll on people often. And it’s okay to feel a host of uncomfortable feelings until you understand when you need to seek help. 

So, on Stress Awareness Month (April), The Channel 46 conducted a poll on Instagram to find out how widespread the possible depression symptoms are. And here are the results of the questions that we posted.

1. Have parents, other relatives, or maybe even friends accused you of being “irritated,” “nasty,” or “always in a bad mood”?

ResponsesNo. Of VotesResponse Percentage

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2. How often have you been bothered by feeling tired, or having little energy?

ResponsesNo. Of VotesResponse Percentage

3. Have you been bothered by having trouble relaxing over the last few weeks?

ResponsesNo. Of VotesResponse Percentage

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4. How often have you been bothered that you have little interest or pleasure in doing things over weeks?

ResponsesNo. Of VotesResponse Percentage

5. Have you been bothered that you have a poor appetite, weight loss, or overeating?

ResponsesNo. Of VotesResponse Percentage

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The Channel 46 takes this opportunity to thank the participants of the Instagram poll for taking time out to get closely involved with the questions. Now’s the time to become more aware of the possible symptoms of depression and other stress-induced mental conditions, and #BeALittleMore conscious about your mental well-being.

5 Mental Health Websites For Therapy

Here is a list of 5 websites to make your mental health shine and smile:

1. Psych Central

One of the oldest Indian websites dedicated to mental health, it is an award-winning platform established in the year 1995. Founded by experienced mental health professionals, it specialises in dealing with a host of conditions like anxiety, depression, and additions, among others. The website has received acclaim from various global media platforms like TIME, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, etc. 

2. MindPeers

This Bengaluru-based mental health platform has an extensive list of mental health professionals working for it. Each of them specialises in a set of problem areas like marriage counselling, sexual issues, behavioural problems, etc. – each of which has snowballed into a mental health condition. This website defies the perception of mental health therapy is expensive with its very affordably priced sessions. 

3. Head To Health

This website gives a patient year to everyone who reaches out for help. Not just the expert doctors on their panel, they also offer 24*7 helpline support that you can reach out to at any time of the day or night. They will hear you out patiently, assist you in identifying the areas that you need to work on and work with you closely on your journey to recovery. 

4. Calm Sage

Calm Sage is a very interactive platform when it comes to mental health. From engaging blogs about various mental health conditions to social posts on hacks to stay positive, it explores various formats and mediums to reach out to those looking for help. Podcasts, videos, and other interesting content pieces – it does it all to spread awareness about mental illnesses. 

5. Happiful

Whatever may be the reason for your mental duress, you may find all the answers to your problems at Happiful. It makes an effort to be relatable to you through the content that it put out on various platforms. If that isn’t helpful for you and you would like to seek individual help for your unique needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. 

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Go ahead and book an appointment with one of these platforms and your mental health will thank you for making an effort to take care of it.

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