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Monday, May 23, 2022

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    Vocal For Local: 3 Cheers For Women-Led Brands Focusing On Plant-Based Sweetener, Wedding Planning & Handcrafted Products

    What we absolutely love is that women have come out of the shadows of oblivion, and how! They are making their presence felt everywhere, and have made headway into male-dominated spheres that were once considered to be out of bounds.

    Vocal For Local: Celebrating Women-Led Brands In Gourmet Gifting, Handcrafted Home Decor & Interior Design

    Women-led brands are no more few and far between. With women flourishing in every field, including entrepreneurship, here are 3 brands to look out for.

    Vocal For Local: Watch Out For These Women-Led Brands In Baking, Floral Decor & Leather Accessories

    Women are shattering glass ceilings in whatever they have set their sights on and entrepreneurship is definitely one of them. Here are 3 women-led brands that are making heads turn in the field that they have chosen for themselves.

    Vocal For Local: Celebrating Women-Led Brands In Fashion Jewellery, Indian Fabrics & Silk Bed Linen

    Women are gradually making a place of their own in the world. And that includes entrepreneurship as well. Here are 3 women-led brands that are making a name for themselves in their chosen fields.

    Vocal For Local: Cheering On The Women-Led Brands In Hair Care, Jewellery & Dying Artform

    Women are gradually coming out of the shadows of their male counterparts in the field of entrepreneurship. Here are 3 businesses where women are leading the way and proving their own merit.

    Vocal For Local: Applauding Women-Led Brands Specialising In French Desserts, Beauty And Vegan Footwear

    Women in entrepreneurship is no longer an alien concept. Here's visiting 3 women-led brands that deserve some attention.

    Vocal For Local: Spotlighting Women-Led Brands In E-Commerce, Organic Beverage & Fashion

    Women are soaring to success and how! And this applies to the field of entrepreneurship as well. Here's celebrating their entrepreneurial contribution in e-commerce, organic beverage, and fashion.

    Vocal For Local: Cheering On Women-Led SMBs In Fashion, Hair Care & Intimate Wear

    With more women joining the entrepreneurship bandwagon, we're all about cheering on entreprenaaris. Watch out for these women-led businesses that are making headway in their chosen fields, enabling them to #BeALittleMore.

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