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11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Having Sex Regularly

The bow-chicka-bow-wow session has far more positive effects on your overall health than you perhaps are aware of. Let’s dive right in and learn more about some of the health benefits of having sex regularly.  

16 Romantic Gaane To Get You In The Mood For Some Intimate Nookie Time

If you don’t have a sex playlist and are super-inspired to have one, here are 16 songs apt for every mood between the sheets.

11 Positions To Have Spicy Hot Sex In The Kitchen

Here are 11 sex positions that you must explore in the kitchen to #BeALittleMore experimental with your sex life and experience explosive sex.

The A To Z Of Female Genitalia: 15 Terms All Women Should Know About Their Area Down Under

Vagina toh pata hai. Par iske alava aur kuchh bhi hota hai female genitalia mein?! Yes, girls, your vagina is just a small part of the entire female genitalia. Here are 15 terms that you should absolutely know about your lady parts.

10 Rasile Foreplay Techniques To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Quickies kabhi kabhi kafi exciting ho sakte hai, but things might become boring and repetitive if that’s what you are doing most of the time. So, here are some foreplay tips and techniques for you to warm up under the sheets.

10 Wild Things To Say During Sex To Take The Garmi To The Next Level

Gandi baatein can definitely be a turn on in bed if done the right way. Here are 4 reasons why dirty talking works like magic and 10 things you can say during your sexy times.

8 Hot Kinks & Fetishes That You Can Add To Your Sex Life! Because, Kyun Nahi?!

You’ll be amazed to learn about things that turn people on and perhaps make you go “kya aisa bhi hota hai?” Read on to know about 8 of these popular kinks and fetishes.

Expert Talk: Proactive For Her Gynaecologist Dr Ankita Gharge Talks About HPV (The Most Common STI In Women)

A simple vaccine can help protect you from the most common STI in women. Here's what a gynaecologist wishes all women knew about HPV.

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