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5 Types Of Massages To Experiment With During Foreplay

Here are 5 massages that you can include in your next foreplay sesh and take your sex life to the next level.

6 Ways To Boost Sexual Confidence & Become A Goddess In Bed

There's some soul digging you need to do & boost sexual confidence by owning your body and physical self. Know more about these 5 ways to go about reclaiming your sexual confidence.

Does SIZE Matter In The Bedroom—Is Bigger Really Better?

In the game of huge D and small d, here’s busting 7 myths surrounding penis sizes. Read on.

Anal Sex: Tips, Positions & Precautions For A Pleasurable Experience

Mostly looked down upon as sexual perversion, anal sex works wonders for you and in improving the bond with your partner. Know about the perceived pain, positions you can explore, and precautions you need to make it a pleasurable experience.

Never Been Too Interested In Sex? You May Have HSDD

Different from low sex drive, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder is a condition characterised by a persistent or recurrent lack of sexual desire or interest in sexual activity.

7 Sex Toys To Turn Up The Garmi In Your Bedroom This Valentine’s Day

“Yaar, sex life kitna boring ho gaya hai”. What, did you really just say that?! When there are a host of sex toys waiting to be discovered and put to good use? Here are 7 varieties you can pick from this Valentine's Day.

9 Tantric Sex Positions For All The Oohs & The Aahs

Tantric sex positions enable you to make the most of your sexual energies - your and your partner’s - to make your intimate time even more mind-boggling. Know more about these 9 intense tantric sex positions that are bound to get you hooked on to it for life.

9 Steamy Movies On Netflix To Get You In The Mood For Sex

Everyone loves a flaming hot sex movie with a few other elements like romance, suspense, rejection, forbidden desires, and scandals thrown in. Know more about these 9 steamy movies that are worth watching for their blazing, burning, fiery sex scenes.

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