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Does SIZE Matter In The Bedroom—Is Bigger Really Better?

A lot of us have this perception that, the bigger it is, the better it is expected to be, whatever that “it” may be. Bigger gifts, bigger homes, bigger cars,… bigger penises. The obsession about “big” rub on to your dirty fantasies too. And that brings along with it, a host of myths about how bigger is the only thing that can be desirable. The reality? That cannot be further away from the popular perception.

In the game of huge D and small d, here’s busting 7 myths surrounding penis sizes.

1. Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

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A bigger package absolutely doesn’t mean a better sex experience, contrary to what your girl gang told you or the idea you may have got from the media. In fact, larger than the average penises make you susceptible to infections and even injuries. To add to that, the bigger girth may cause tears during anal sex. Not to mention, the discomfort during an oral sesh. What’s more, they can even make certain sex positions painful. So, you can just skip trying these out with your partner, unless you’ve both a painless way to go about it.

2. Smaller Doesn’t Imply The Absence Of It

All good things come in small packages, remember? Well, on a practical note, don’t frown upon a D that may seem smaller than the average. Easier to handle and penetrate, and that too without the unwanted side-effects – pain and injuries. Not just that, it saves you from the nervousness of figuring out how you’ll make way for it. Figure out the positions that do the job for you and you’re sorted. Yes, the same here.

3. Average D Size? What’s That?

Studies claim a lot of things. But how reliable are these studies? Even the result of this research varies for the same geography. So the question remains – what’s the average size of a man’s package anyway? Move over obsession over penis sizes and focus on the action instead. Experiment with all the positions mentioned in the Kama Sutra and all other erotic literature that you can get your hands on, and put your own imagination into it and voila, you’ll enjoy a sex life that is mind-blowing for the both of you.

4. Bigger ≠ Maximum Stamina

Done with discussing how to manage Ds of varied sizes, it’s time to turn to how size affects stamina. The truth is – size has nothing to do with the time of erection. That is, it isn’t necessary that a large package will always be a proverbial horse with wings. Similarly, a small one doesn’t necessarily mean it is a snail.

5. Size Doesn’t Dictate Fertility

If you dream about having babies in the future, size doesn’t affect the results of baby-making sex. So size is the last thing that you should worry about in this regard. Rather, it’s stress that can affect fertility and not his D size. Because sperm are manufactured by the testicles, not the penis. 

6. Big D = ‘Oh NOOO…’ Moments

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A big D sounds good. But meeting one, in reality, may be far from the expectations you might be nurturing in your mind. It may make your head throb with thoughts about how you’ll ever have it go inside you without feeling excruciating pain – not the kind of pain you like. In contrast, a not-so-big one ensures you feel at ease – a big step forward towards experiencing pleasurable moments in bed and outside. So, a small package makes it worth it in striking out all the unnecessary hassles that may accompany it. More so when you have a small vagina. 

7. Size Cannot Predict The Quality Of Sex

A small package is often a cause of concern and insecurity for penis owners. This makes them go out of their way and make a more genuine effort in being a better lover, to prove themselves. They are more active in finding out what works for you and finding out more techniques to give you that. The result? Better connection, more pleasure, better in every way… which ultimately means better sex. On the other hand, a big package owner is often overconfident about his package and lacks in making efforts to make it a pleasurable experience for his partner. It’s never the size of the package, it’s the technique and the effort that are the winners. Always.

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