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9 Tantric Sex Positions For All The Oohs & The Aahs

Normal sex positions aur tantric sex positions mein farq kya hai – do you ask. Well while the positions are more or less the same, the difference lies in making the most of both your sexual energies – your and your partner’s – to make your intimate time even more mind-boggling. The trick is to feel the sexual energy moving through your spine and into your brain and letting it all out through your eyebrows while discovering each other’s bodies. It’s exactly what you should practice to get both your bodies, emotions, and minds in perfect sync, to build on that emotional connection. And when that happens, you know what follows suit. Blimey! 

Know more about these 9 intense tantric sex positions that are bound to get you hooked on to it for life.

1. Hand On Heart

  1. Sit crossed-legged, facing your partner, and make your partner do the same.
  2. Place your right hand on his heart, while he keeps his hand on yours.
  3. Close your hands and listen to his heartbeats very closely. Feel the rhythm, the vibration, and the pounding energy.
  4. You will soon see that the heartbeats will soon be attuned to that of your partner, enabling you to build an emotional connection there. 

2. Lotus Or Yab-Yum

9 Tantric Sex Positions For All The Oohs & The Aahs
  1. Have your partner sit with crossed legs.
  2. Sit on his lap with each of your legs clasped behind his back from either side of his waist.
  3. Start breathing in sync, while looking deep into each other’s eyes.

3. The Relaxed Arch

  1. Have your partner sit on a flat surface like the floor or the bed, with enough gap for the head to fit in there.
  2. Bend on your knees, facing him, fitting your legs in the space between his legs.
  3. Arch backwards gradually till you rest your head between his legs and then hold his feet.
  4. Quiet an acrobatic position, but improves intimacy more than you can imagine. 

4. The Goddess

9 Tantric Sex Positions For All The Oohs & The Aahs
  1. Start with the cowgirl position. For the uninitiated, let your partner lie down flat on the bed, so you can squat over him just below his stomach, with your feet placed firmly on the ground. 
  2. Get your breathing in rhythm to enjoy the karmic flow and get into an ecstatic, primal mode.

5. The Swing

  1. Let your partner lie down on his back in a position where he is comfortable to raise his pelvis when he wants.
  2. Ride your partner and start swinging, which is how this position gets its name. 
  3. This will enable you to be in a dominant position, making it possible for you to control the depth of penetration and speed, while stimulating your clitoris. 

6. Snake Trap

  1. Similar to Yab-Yum, except for the distance between the two of you. 
  2. Sit intertwined with your legs around each other and legs facing each other. 
  3. Keep your hands on each other’s ankles for stability.
  4. Enabling shallow penetration, this position is more for building physical and emotional intimacy through eye contact, whispering sweet nothings, and a close view of each other’s bodies. 

7. The Tiger

  1. A close cousin of the classic spooning position, with the sole difference being the greater distance that needs to be maintained for this position. 
  2. Lie down next to one another with your partner behind you, facing in the same direction.
  3. Ideal for times when either or the both of you lack energy, but want the best of intense sex – deep, penetrative, et al. 

8. Serpent’s Embrace

  1. Lie down on a flat surface on your stomach.
  2. Keep a pillow under your hips to keep it elevated. Spread your legs a bit to allow penetration.
  3. Let your hands be by your side or by your head, or wherever you feel comfortable.
  4. Let your partner lie over you with their forearms on the bed to keep himself propped up for long.
  5. If you like being penetrated from your backside, this might just become your next favourite position. What’s more, this position is perfect for feeling your heart thumping against each other’s bodies, and inhaling in and out together, so you both are in sync. 

10. Third Eye Bliss

  1. A twist on the evergreen missionary, except it is even better for layering the foundation for a deeper emotional and physical intimacy, which is hard to explain.
  2. As you feel the vibe and energy overpowering both your bodies, inhale and exhale in sync for experiencing unparalleled exhilaration. 

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