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7 Sex Toys To Turn Up The Garmi In Your Bedroom This Valentine’s Day

“Yaar, sex life kitna boring ho gaya hai”. What did you really just say that?! When there are a host of sex toys waiting to be discovered and put to good use, you’d rather let your imagination soar and warm up the sheets than crib about the lack of a happening sex life. 

If you want your sex life to be an experience that resembles one right out of a kinky erotica, here are 7 sex toys for couples that are most likely to give you all the goosebumps and toe-curling pleasure. Just by the thought of what it can do for you.

1. Blindfolds

7 Sex Toys That Will Take Your Valentine's Day From 0-100 In The Bedroom

The very basic sex toy for couples that you should add to that secret drawer in your closet is a pair of blindfolds. Restricting one sense completely automatically makes the four other senses stronger and sharper. However, make sure you trust your partner enough to consent to being blindfolded by him. Maintain an open communication and some BDSM-inspired code words to clearly communicate what you want from him – start, stop, slow, fast, and the like. 

2. Puppy Hoods

A popular and widely favoured sex toy among the BDSM community, puppy hoods are a must-have if dog-owner bedroom games feature among the top favourite bedroom fetishes. Here, one of the partners, the “submissive”, plays the role of a puppy, while the other partner, the “dominant” one, plays the role of the owner. 

3. Posture Collars

Posture collars are long, thick collars meant to be worn around the neck, for the purpose of restricting movements. Yet another common fetish among BDSM enthusiasts. The collar is the perfect accessory for the myriads of themed dominator-submissive games – ones that are well-known and, for some others, you can let your imagination fly. 

4. Yokes

7 Sex Toys That Will Take Your Valentine's Day From 0-100 In The Bedroom

A toy straight out of the ultimate fantasy of all BDSM fans, yokes are made of shackles and collars, or cuffs and collars. It is meant for ensuring restricted mobility for a prolonged period of time.

5. Mouth Spreaders

Similar to ball gags, but with a twist. Mouth spreaders serve the purpose of opening the mouth wide, unlike ball gags that are meant for filling the mouth. While gags make it impossible for the submissive to talk, spreaders allow penetration. 

6. Canes

To describe this toy in one word, impact toys are for spanking. If that’s what turns you on (hell, who doesn’t!) canes are an example of this kind, among several others like whips and floggers. Simply put, these toys are meant for creating an impact through different sounds and sensations – starting from sensual to stingy or outright painful – the entire range of it. However, keep in mind that an excessive or improper use of it on certain parts of the body like the less fleshy parts, may lead to serious damage. To be on the safe side, use it several times on a pillow first before doing so on a partner. 

7. Clitoral Vibrator

If you thought vibrators always aim at the G-spot, you cannot further from the truth. There are a host of vibrators, each meant to target different parts of your lady bits. Some solely specialise in stimulating the external parts like the clitoris, while other curved ones target the deeper nooks and crevices. The little bud that you find right outside the border of the external labia, clitoris in short, is full of nerve endings that create fel-good sensations on being stimulated. Not just for a solo trip or during foreplay, these come in handy even during penetrative sex. Simply hold this to your clitoris for that added dose of stimulation, and perhaps, a double orgasm. Did we just hear you gasp?!

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