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9 Steamy Movies On Netflix To Get You In The Mood For Sex

Everyone loves a flaming hot sex movie with a few other elements like romance, suspense, rejection, forbidden desires, and scandals thrown in. Whether cuddling up with your partner on a date night or are all alone and in the mood to explore yourself.

Know more about these 9 steamy movies that are worth watching for their blazing, burning, fiery sex scenes.

1. 50 Shades Of Grey

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If you want to access soft porn and you have a Netflix subscription, here you go! You have it all right here. A top-notch, dapper business tycoon enters into a non-revelation agreement with a girl whom he’s taken by and, boom, starts the scorching action in bed with chains, clamps, and whips involved. Complemented with background scores that give you goosebumps, you cannot but crave some of that for yourself too. 

2. 365 Days

The ultra-controversial Netflix original series laced with mind-blowing sex in almost every other scene, there are no words that can ever describe the crazy chemistry that the protagonists share. A hit among the audience, so much so that the franchise already has 3 seasons and is still counting. While 50 Shades Of Grey is a must-watch especially for those who are into BDSM (duh! if you don’t know what that is), this one will keep you wanting for more if you love experimenting with sex positions. 

3. Swimming Pool

The plot here revolves around a crime writer putting up at his publisher’s summer house in Southern France to complete his novel. The story starts heating up when the publisher’s stunning daughter starts staying at the house and begins to have frequent one-night stands, scenes that will keep you clawing on your bedspread, craving for some action.

4. Indiscretion

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A psychiatrist and politician’s wife surreptitiously indulges in a temporary fling while her husband and daughter are away. However, the plot takes an unexpectedly edgy turn soon when the harmless affair gradually takes the shape of a dangerously consuming passion and turns her life into a mess.

5. High Society

If K-Dramas are your thing, this is one steamy mess you cannot miss out on. The film revolves around a middle-class couple who will leave no stone unturned to belong to the ultra-elite. On their way to climbing the social ladder, they find themselves in the muck of sex, lies, and whatnot, until the darker and corrupted side of power gets revealed to them. The movie is bound to grasp you in its tenterhooks right from the beginning.

6. Fatal Affair

Ellie, amidst her failing marriage, gives in to you with an affair with an old friend. However, the affair turns out to be nothing more than a fleeting encounter. Albeit only from her side, because her former lover soon becomes an unhealthy, obsessive, compulsive stalker, making you stay glued to the screen wondering what will happen next. Yes, a thriller, but catch up on this one for the sizzling chemistry that the two share.

7. Lust Stories

Among the very few of its kind in the Hindi film industry, it has “bold” written large right in its name. The movie navigates through four different stories, involving different characters, different lives, locations, stories, and relationships – only connected with each other with the common thread of lust. It steps on taboo topics like women masturbating, forbidden desires, and scandalous affairs in a way B’wood has hardly ever done before.

8. She’s Gotta Have It

Inspired by the famed Spike Lee movie of 1986 of the same name, the plot of the Netflix original series manoeuvres through the life of a polyamorous pan-sexual girl in multiple open relationships, as she tries to maintain her life and friendships at the same time. If not for the humour and emotions in the storyline, definitely watch it for the steamy scenes that the protagonist shares with Anthony Ramos to keep your juices flowing. 

9. American Honey

A young girl escapes from home and takes a road trip through the Midwest. And her travels are accompanied with summer romance, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll – elements that make for a thoroughly gripping watch if you’re in the mood for a steamy movie. When the protagonist gets involved with a certain guy (played by Shia LeBeouf, yum!), who’s an out and out a party boy himself, she experiences a different side of passionate romance that is tender and all-consuming. Totally awww-worthy!

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