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11 Types Of Sex Toys That Focus On Female Pleasure

Talk about it or keep it all hushed up, sweet dreams are undeniably made of extraordinary orgasms. Learn more about these 11 sex toys that will take sexual pleasure several notches higher.

18 Foods That Can Help Increase Libido (& 7 Aur Natural Ways To Boost It)

Low libido in women is not usually a cause for concern considering the various stages that we go through in life, right from pregnancy to menopause. Here's how you can boost it naturally, along with its possible causes and treatments.

7 Fun Sex Positions For Adventurous Couples For A Rangeen Sex Life

Belonging to the land of the Kamasutra, complaining of a boring sex life doesn’t make sense at all. So, here are 7 sex positions for you to make your sex life rangeen and have oodles of fun in bed and outside.

21 Tareeke To Improve Sexual Compatibility For A Healthy Relationship 

You may have found yourself say, “Arey banda acha hai par pata nahi phir bhi kyun humare beech mein kuch kami hai”. Chances are that you're talking about the lack of sexual chemistry in your relationship here. Here are 21 ways to know whether you are sexually compatible with your partner and tips to improve the same.

11 Surprising Health Benefits Of Having Sex Regularly

The bow-chicka-bow-wow session has far more positive effects on your overall health than you perhaps are aware of. Let’s dive right in and learn more about some of the health benefits of having sex regularly.  

16 Romantic Gaane To Get You In The Mood For Some Intimate Nookie Time

If you don’t have a sex playlist and are super-inspired to have one, here are 16 songs apt for every mood between the sheets.

11 Positions To Have Spicy Hot Sex In The Kitchen

Here are 11 sex positions that you must explore in the kitchen to #BeALittleMore experimental with your sex life and experience explosive sex.

The A To Z Of Female Genitalia: 15 Terms All Women Should Know About Their Area Down Under

Vagina toh pata hai. Par iske alava aur kuchh bhi hota hai female genitalia mein?! Yes, girls, your vagina is just a small part of the entire female genitalia. Here are 15 terms that you should absolutely know about your lady parts.

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