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5 Easy Sex Positions If You Want To Switch Things Up

One of the best parts about having a partner is finding new, exciting shenanigans to get up to in the bedroom!

The world of sexual intimacy is large and easy to explore. There is every type of kink and fetish out there, one that can make even the most hesitant person happy. However, leather belts and shibari may not be up everyone’s alley.

If you want to add some spice to the bedroom, but still want to keep it a little vanilla, here’s five positions to introduce into your daily repertoire!

1. Reverse Cowgirl

In the immortal words of Missy Elliot, ‘I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it.’

If you’ve done the cowgirl position before, the reverse cowgirl is exactly what the name entails. You sit on top of your partner, with your back to their face. Then, hold on to wherever feels comfortable, or have your partner bend their knees and start moving as you would during the cowgirl, or start grinding.

The best part of this position is that you can control the depth of penetration and how far you want to go, while being extremely pleasurable.

2. The Splitting Bamboo

An interesting twist on the traditional missionary position, the splitting bamboo is something you should definitely try.

In this position, the person who penetrates supports themselves on their hands and knees, while the person who is receiving extends their legs. The receiving partner’s legs form a V-shape, which then creates a split in the middle. It is an incredibly intimate position, and can be changed according to comfort and pleasure.

P.S – this is a great trick if you have a significant height difference with your partner.

3. 68

We’ve all heard about (and maybe even tried) the 69, so what on earth is the 68?

Well, one person lies on their back and the other person climbs over them with their genitals towards their partner’s mouth and their body reclining back. So, sort of like a 69 but with only one person using their mouth.

The person on the bottom performs oral sex, while the person on top is free to simply enjoy it or use it as a segue into the classic 69.

4. Doggy position, pancake style

No, we’re not asking you to bring food into the bedroom. That is a conversation for another time.

Think of it as the exact reverse of the doggy style. The person who is penetrating gets to press down entirely on the receiving partner. The receiving partner places their legs over the other partner’s shoulders, so that when the penetrating partner presses down, they’re pushing the receiving partner’s knees to their chest. This is an incredibly intimate position, and you do require some flexibility and trust for this.

The penetrating partner gets all the power in this position, and it can make for an intense session of love-making, if done right.

5. Standing Missionary

Another fun off-shoot of the missionary position is the standing missionary.

It sounds simple enough, both partners stand and face each other, and then manoeuvre their bodies to achieve penetration. The receiving partner can hitch a leg up the receiving partner’s waist for easy access, or if the penetrating partner is strong enough, they can physically hold up the receiving partner against a wall.

This can be an extremely intimate position, and if you’re attempting it, you should be careful. Try it around a wall or somewhere with support so that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

Sex can be a fun, exciting and extremely silly endeavour. The most important thing is to make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable, and that everything that happens is consensual.

There will be times when you will mess up or fall down or even accidentally hurt each other. Communicate, laugh it off and try again. Half the fun is getting to do it with an enthusiastic partner, and enthusiasm goes a long way.

Be creative and adventurous in the bedroom, but don’t forget to be safe!

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