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5 Types Of Massages To Experiment With During Foreplay

We bet you’ve heard about acupuncture pressure points in releasing stress from your body. But what more can it do from it and how can you make the best use of them? You can focus on messaging these spots during a foreplay session to build up on the heat and intimacy with your partneraand brace for a wild time ahead. While stimulating these sensitive points, be gentle, maintain eye contact, and keep the kisses going to make the sensuous massages work wonders for you. 

Here are 5 massages that you can include in your next foreplay sesh and notice how your partner responds to them. You may take time to understand how to go about them and how he reacts to each one of them, so you can both make the most out of them. Practice makes perfect, remember? 

1. Head Massage

5 Types Of Massages To Experiment With During Foreplay

The top of your head, over your ears and around the middle parting of your hair, is believed to be the most active or “yang” area of the human body. With the stressful lives that we lead, the endless list of our to-dos stays stalked up in this part of the head, proving to be an impediment to letting our hair down entirely during foreplay. “Oh, it’s always at the back of my mind”. Lost count of the number of times you’ve said this? Well, it’s actually not at the back of your mind but at the top of your head. Consider starting your sex sesh with a head massage as a part of foreplay, to get him in the mojo. This will squeeze this activity out of his head as well as his back to the core of the body, soothing his overworked mind and encouraging smooth blood circulation throughout his body. 

2. Foot Massage

For the feet, target the pressure points at the base of his toe and the point that’s one-third way down from the tip of his toes, on the souls of his feet. A good message on these pressure points works wonders in balancing the subtle energies, while also improving blood flow to the body’s core. But how does this massage help in stimulating his body? This is because these points in the feet are directly connected to the female and male reproductive organs. Try it and, if you can do it right, the moaning and groaning wouldn’t be too far away!

3. Calf Massage

Moving a little over the feet, two fingers over the ankle to be precise, are two more treasure troves that will get your partner’s juices flowing on being massaged. A storehouse of the yin and yang energies, these points promote healthy blood flow yet again. And what does smooth blood circulation mean? Amazing arousal, yes.

4. A Belly Rub

5 Types Of Massages To Experiment With During Foreplay

Got a furry friend at home or love to be around them? Then you would definitely know this term. But you cannot be further away from the truth if you thought belly rubs work only on these fur buddies. Two fingers below the button, and they’re there, you just got it right! But what’s here that will make your partner weak in the knees? The area is located very near to the reproductive organs and massage here shoots up blood circulation, arousing him on end. However, remember this is a very sensitive area and, therefore, you need to be extra careful while giving him a massage here. Another reason that makes foreplay magical when you stimulate this part of the body is the location is the calming point of every acupuncture channel, the point that is the balance of the energy points in the body. Looking for some sexy time? You got the point that’s just right for building intimacy.

5. Over The Crotch

A tiny spot above the crotch where the hip slants to meet the rest of the body is another place that is sure to set the bedroom (or wherever you are!) temperature soaring beyond imagination. Located in proximity to an artery, stimulating this boosts blood flow in this artery. But, to do it right, press and hold on to this pressure point for a couple of seconds, and release it and, bam, it’s just the start of the ecstasy that the foreplay sesh will bring your partner. Hold his gaze while you’re at it, to take intimacy to the next level.

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