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The Rise Of The Small Town Girl

There have been a multitude of changes over the past few years that have made women from Tier 2 cities stronger and comfortable in their own skin. Read about the author's take on factors that have made this happen.

Ghardaari – Naari ki Zimmedari?

The lockdown last year acted as a huge leveller in many ways...And while that did help get men a little more involved at home, the onus of kitchen work always lay on women. It seems their part of the chores were restricted to doing ‘manly’ things like getting the groceries, teaching the kids math, lifting and rearranging things, and cleaning the pankha—ladko wale kaam. However, brands like Wonderchef go the extra mile with their millennial-friendly range of cookware that makes cooking a fun activity for couples.

God Save The Queen (And Our Judgement!)

In Britain, the Queen isn't just the nominal head-of-state, she’s the face of the nation on the global stage. And almost always in public scrutiny, judged and critiqued even more because she’s a woman in a position of power previously held by men. Read on to know about the author's take on the obvious pandemonium surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Judge-Mental Hai Kya?!

:When a 34-year-old female Prime Minister enjoys a private night with her friends, we call her out for dancing and drinking alcohol. Because apparently people holding public office and positions of power have no right to a personal life." Read on about the author's take on sweeping generalisations and societal stereotypes about women.

Arranged Marriages, Mismatched Couples & More

"...don't let these women (or men!) talk you into getting married to someone you may not necessarily want to, because otherwise you will end up alone. Because trust me, if I could find someone, you will do, too." Read about the author's take on Indian marriages, Sima Aunty, and more.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects 

Girls, the ever after does exist. Maybe not in the Karan Johar style as you would have imagined, but it does. Not the filmy style happy. Rather the roller coaster style happy, with its ups and downs. With new twists and turns daily. Where each day is different.

Aaj Ki Dulhan, Kaisi Ho? The Millenial Bride Memo

I remember seeing pictures of my mother at her own wedding, and out of curiosity, I asked her why in most pictures, she kept looking down. And smiling in very few. Arre, my Kanpur wali masi had strictly told me not to look into the camera...Doesn't give a good impression if the bride looks too confident. But times have changed since then. So how do modern day brides behave?

Period Pain – Sach Ya Jhooth?

Studies suggest that severe menstrual cramps can hurt as much as labour pain. Yet, somehow a lot of men (and sadly, other women), don’t think that being on your period is really a big deal. Read on to know about the author's take on the subject.

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