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Multiple Sex Partners? 8 Ways To Have A Safe & Healthy Polyamorous Life—According To A Sexologist

Polyamory is a choice. It may be unacceptable for some, and for others, it may be the only way they experience love, joy, and fulfilment. As with everything, remember to own your choices and also, to behave responsibly with them.

Feeling Nauseous After Sex? Why This Symptom Should Not Be Ignored

If you've been feeling nauseous every time you have sex, here are 7 reasons why this might be happening.

Uncomplicate: What Is The Clitoris?

Also often called clit, is the pleasure centre of your anatomy. It is an integral part of the reproductive system of a vagina owner.

Expert Talk: Is Vaginal Dryness Making Sex Painful For You?

If you have been experiencing discomfort during sex, vaginal dryness is a possible reason. Know the signs, causes, treatments, and preventive tips for this condition.

Post-Sex Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Lady Bits Infection-Free

Here's a list of the hacks you need to follow after a sex sesh to keep your lady bits clean & maintain genital hygiene. Read on.

Asana 46: Baby-Making On Your Mind? 5 Yoga Techniques To Boost Fertility

The Channel 46 shares 5 yoga asanas if you are keen on improving sex life, boost female fertility, and start a family. Read on.

5 Types Of Massages To Experiment With During Foreplay

Here are 5 massages that you can include in your next foreplay sesh and take your sex life to the next level.

6 Ways To Boost Sexual Confidence & Become A Goddess In Bed

There's some soul digging you need to do & boost sexual confidence by owning your body and physical self. Know more about these 5 ways to go about reclaiming your sexual confidence.

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