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Let’s Learn About Sex, Baby: 5 Shows On OTT To Boost Your Sex-Ed

Apart from a biology lesson that was dry as bone and clinical to a fault, and any secret porn watching we may have done, how much do any of us really know about sex?

Of course, we know the mechanics, and what makes us and our partner feel good. But do you know what vaginismus is? Or the intricacies of BDSM? Or even why people try out open marriages?

Sex is a complex subject, but not so complex that you have to bore yourself in the search for more information. Remember, not everything you see on screen is accurate or even applicable to your situation, but we’ve compiled a list of shows that do a fairly good job with talking about sex.

5 OTT Shows For Extra Sex-Ed

1. Sex Education

In its four seasons of airing, Sex Education has tried its utmost to be inclusive, informative while also telling a good story. The show follows a group of high schoolers, each of whom have their own storyline. What Sex Education gets right is the portrayal of awkward sexual encounters amongst teenagers, a good portrayal of the sexuality spectrum, the logistics of sex and even issues and diseases that we may not have heard of.

A salient part of the show is Jean Milburn, who is the protagonist’s mother and a sex therapist. Her presence makes the conversations about sex more natural, and gives the teenagers a reliable adult to speak to. All in all, even though you should never take what’s shown on screen at face value, Sex Education does a fairly decent job in its portrayals of realistic sex, and all the uncomfortable and fun bits that go with it.

Where to watch: Netflix

2. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa

A humorous series that shows honest discussions about sex, Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa is a refreshing Indian take on the importance of sex education. The show follows 7-year-old Pappu, and his papa Anand, and how a curious little boy poses questions that baffle his father. To his credit, Anand takes the questions in stride and does his best to explain things like masturbation, condoms and homosexuality in a way that is suitable for a child. The show also covers pregnancy and periods, in its humorous yet informative style. If you’re looking for a fun, relatable and easy way to talk about sex with some little ones, this show is a great resource!

Where to watch: YouTube

3. Sex, Explained

Narrated by our favourite Janelle Monae, Sex, Explained is a five-part documentary style series that breaks down the science of sex. With the help of data-driven studies and expert opinions, the series does a deep dive into attraction, sexual fantasies and fertility, amongst other topics. A notable feature is the detailed way through which they look at LGBTQ+ individuals, their experiences with sex and gender, and also other alternative sexual lifestyles like BDSM. Sex, Explained will certainly give you a lot to think about, some new possibilities and facets of sex that you had never considered before, and who knows, maybe something you might want to try in the future!

Where: Netflix

4. Wanderlust

What do you do when sex becomes a difficult chore instead of an activity you both enjoy?

Wanderlust looks at exactly that. Adapted by Nick Payne based on his own play, Wanderlust shows the viewer the connections between sex, intimacy and how to cope when something you’re familiar with becomes scary yet again. The show follows Joy and Alan, a married couple, who struggle to reconnect sexually in the aftermath of Joy’s traumatic bicycle accident.

The show takes an open approach to sexual intimacy, and alternative ways through which people can explore it. Full of witty dialogue and a realistic portrayal of open marriages, Wanderlust is an interesting take on relationships that is a must watch.    

Where to watch: Netflix

5. F*ck, Yes!

The title tells you all you need to know.

F*ck, Yes! is a web series that explores one of the most important facets of sex: consent. With a short run (only 4 episodes), the show covers a set of scenarios where two adults communicate their consent on various things. This consent is regarding their time together before, after and during sex.

This show is a great reminder that enthusiastic, verbal consent is always a requirement with sex. Talking to your partner is beneficial in so many more ways than just asking if they’re feeling alright. Ask them if they’re feeling good, and how you can make them feel better! And if you want more food for thought, watch F*ck, Yes! together!

Where to watch: YouTube

We hope you enjoy the suggestions. Remember: do your research before trying out something new, and consent is sexy!

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