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Insecurity Overdose…Phew!

How to you practice self-love, in a world which only reminds you how imperfect you are? An honest confession of a 20-something millennial

A Tribute To The Neighbourhood Aunty

You can love her, or you can hate her. What you can't do is ignore her.

“But Beta, When Will You Settle Down?”

An open letter to society, each time they ask her about our marriage, ahem, plan to 'settle down'.

Rishta Aaya Hai

How does one deal with the arranged marriage business in the 21st century? A humourous take on the rishta meeting, one probably most girls can relate to!

Menstruation Is Normal. Period.

A light-hearted, yet honest take on how society still loves to create tamasha out of the absolutely normal process of menstruation

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