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    TC46 Founder Akshita Gupta Shares 7 Tips To Boost Your Business During Festivals


    Festivals in India have evolved so much through the years. We live in a time where emotions have overtaken rituals. The emotional aspect of the seasons has slowly come to par with the traditions and rituals that are of paramount importance. Diwali, one of India’s leading festivals, holds a special place in everyone’s heart. It has become almost synonyms with time devoted to loved ones, just as Christmas has. As a brand, a company and a venture, the festivals can be an opportune time for you to hype yourselves up. 

    1. Start With Your Content

    In a time ridden by social media, everyone takes to platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more to discover new products and services. Use this to your advantage, create festival-related content to promote yourself and increase your reach. Content marketing is a crucial pillar in boosting your business.

    2. Create A Link

    Link your businesses to the festivals. This is simple enough for companies in most industries. Cosmetic and clothing companies can promote their products to the idea of ‘dressing up’ or ‘looking fancy’ during the festivities. Companies in the food industry can send out hampers, if their businesses allow it, as gifts for the seasons. This allows potential clients to taste your products and adds you to their rosters for when they may need cookies or mithai for family and friends. 

    3. Flourish With Pop-Ups

    Small business owners, especially, can sign up for digital as well as offline exhibitions and pop-up sales or stores. This helps put your products out there, creates a greater pool for outreach, and boosts your image in the public eye.

    4. Indulge In Corporate Gifting

    A fixed aspect of the holiday seasons in India is the custom of corporate gifting. Companies have evolved and moved from gifting a standard gift to their employees to more innovative and sometimes, even personalised gifts. In such situations, brands can approach them with the products and services they have and would make for good gifts to employees. 

    5. Offer Promotional Activities

    Discounts and sales can really help put companies on the radar and into the mix. During festivals, people often begin their shopping for gifts and outfits a month earlier and so sending out emails and promoting your current sales and discounts could be of value. 

    6. Tie Business & Pleasure

    Personal gifting is another way to get great word of mouth. Send out your products to your friends and families and their friends and families to gain some traction. If you’re at home, making candles, baked goods, any kind of clothing or jewellery, send them out in tiny packages with your business cards to people you know. This helps add potential customers to your roster.

    7. Make It A Celebration

    Recently, a lot of companies are using festivals as a way to promote themselves. Diwali is a time for everyone to remember that there is always good after evil. And good always prevails. This sentiment is a ray of hope in the current global situation. No matter how you’re spending the holidays, remind your customers that the best way to celebrate the festivals is by being together, even virtually, and having smaller, more intimate celebrations at their own homes with your brand, products and offerings.

    Yes, the task can feel quite overwhelming, especially if you’re new in the industry, but there’s always an easier way to go through the process of boosting your products. Organising yourself is often a key factor in the process. This festive season, remember that there is a little bit of joy in everything you do. 

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