StyleAccessoriesStyle City: 5 Best Indian Cities For Wedding Jewellery Shopping

Style City: 5 Best Indian Cities For Wedding Jewellery Shopping

Swipe left in the gallery below to know more about the 5 Indian cities that are known for being dream destinations for wedding jewellery shopping.

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Style City: 5 Best Indian Cities For Shandaar Wedding Jewellery Shopping
Your wedding is a one-of-a-kind experience. No wonder, you would want to make it an experience of a lifetime, moments to hold close to you, and a memory to behold. Forever. The way you look often has a say in how you feel to a great extent. And, therefore, jewellery plays an important role in determining how you feel on your D-Day. Know more about these 5 cities where you can indulge in your wedding jewellery shopping.
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1. Delhi
A city that boasts of a rich royal heritage with multiple dynasties laying their claims over the throne, Delhi is a fascinating confluence of art that makes its presence felt in its repertoire of jewels as well. If you live in Delhi or are planning to do your wedding jewellery shopping here, make a headway to Chandi Chowk, Chawri Bazaar, Rajouri Garden, Greater Kailash (GK), to name a few places.
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2. Jaipur
Yet another city that has imbibed the glorious legacy of royals of the bygone era, Rajputs and Mughals in this case, artforms like jewellery mirror the traditional designs that are reminiscent of its magnificent heritage. If you want to deck yourself in royalty on your D-Day with the best from Jaipur,
explore Pratap Sons, Vasansi, Mandakini, Zari, amongst others.
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3. Hyderabad
The erstwhile city of the Nizams deserves a mention here owing to its cultural heritage of exquisite pearls, precious gemstones, evergreen gold, and classy diamonds. With a flavour that is distinctly different from the jewels of northern India, shop till you drop at Krishna Pearls And Jewellers, Mangatrai Pearls, Manepally Jewellers, Mohammed Khan And Sons Jewellers, if your sensibilities are aligned with the uniqueness of designs that the city has to offer.
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4. Mumbai
A melting point of diverse cultures from across the world, Mumbai has evolved to embrace a distinct flavour of its own, without turning its back on traditional roots. Make your way around Kemps Corner, Juhu Tara Road, Santa Cruz Market, Hindmata Market, Lower Parel, to lay your hands on wedding jewellery that are right out of your dreams.
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5. Bengaluru
A hubspot for temple jewellery, a trademark of South India, Bengaluru specialises in its own individualistic jewellery. It owes inspiration to its varied temples, Hindu folklore, and religious scriptures. Vishwas Jewels, Kanika Jewels, Menghraj, Praveen Jewels, are some places you can visit for your wedding jewellery shopping in this city.
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