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11 Power Dressing Outfits For Working Women

Why power dress? It’s a new empowering tool because it’s important to dress for the life you want to live. It not only builds and demonstrates confidence, but you also get to have an enormous amount of day-to-night wardrobe flexibility.

Modern power dressing has evolved in the way that women are now moving away from “men suiting”, and adopting newer silhouettes and versions of suiting to be feminine and powerful. Women are using their femininity as power instead of dressing like men. Hence the evolution of softer, subtle and sophisticated versions of power-dressing, comes into play. As smart wear gets soft and casual gets relaxed, career women need a workwear wardrobe that is equal parts polish and comfort, and equal parts practical and presentable.

The Channel 46 caught up with Divya Agarwal, Co-Founder of Qua, a women’s workwear brand, who lists 11 statement pieces you can add to your power dressing capsule wardrobe.

1. Monotone suits

11 Power Dressing Outfits For Working Women

Swear by a pair of monotone suits and no sartorial combination can ever fail you. Go for a fluid drape of a colour that is your vibe, coupled with a soft feel and mood-lifting spirit. Just put it on and you’re ready to roll. 

2. High-waisted trousers are highly flattering

A well-tailored pair of trousers can have supernatural powers. They make everyone’s bottom, regardless of shape and size, look great. Thanks to that waist-hugging and lengthening thing they do by just being cut a little longer than hipster-style trousers.

3. Tailored dresses for the win 

A seamless silhouette of a back dress never loses its appeal even in a professional workplace. It highlights your contours in all the right ways, making all the noise as you enter a room. Once you behold their gaze in a dress like this, it will quickly prove to be your ultimate go-to power move.

4. Skirt sets supremacy

The rule is to slay it with the sublime sophistication of a monotone skirt set. The timeless skirt set, in its modern avatar, is a feminine nod to the classic “menswear-inspired” suiting, and for that reason, is a MUST for every career woman.

5. Go big with oversized suits

11 Power Dressing Outfits For Working Women

No longer classified as a boardroom basic, the oversized suits are here to stay. The secret is to go for a size up and claim your rightful space by making a lasting impression. 

6. Tailored blazers

A tailored blazer is one of the key pieces in your power-dressing repertoire. A sharp blazer in an eye-catching colour adds a fresh take on power dressing, making it your no-brainer go-to pick for business as well as after-hours.

7. Bold colours for bold women

We’re big fans of neutrals in a professional setup. To play it safe. But on days when you’re craving excitement, nothing beats a bright and bold outfit. Swap your regulars for a joyful explosion of hot pink or even lime green, if you can carry it off. And voila, you’ve got yourself a powerful and trendy outfit.

8. Vested power

By the power vested in tailored waistcoats, you’re sure to be pronounced the epitome of true elegance. Pick a style of waistcoat where comfort meets utility, one that means real business when paired with a complementing pair of trousers.

9. Shirt toppers

You can always feel crisp, put-together, and ready to own the day in a well-crafted classic shirt! A versatile shirt crafted in luxe fabrication channels the essence of ultimate panache in every modern woman’s wardrobe. 

10. The layering league

Easy to layer, and easier to wear bodysuits are a wardrobe essential for all seasons. Pair them under big jackets and sweats, or style them with low-rise bottoms to peek-a-boo your curves.

11. A match made in (fashion) heaven

The dress-over-pants combo is an outfit that is quite the rage these days. Pair your tailored flared trousers with a midi-length dress for a sweet ensemble that works for both the office and date night.

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