LifeTravelHighway 46: 5 Indian Destinations That Are Behtar Than Any International Holiday

Highway 46: 5 Indian Destinations That Are Behtar Than Any International Holiday

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Highway 46: 5 Indian Destinations That Are Behtar Than Any International Holiday
India with all its dynamic and vibrant diversity never fails to mesmerise. And that holds true for our landscapes and natural beauty too - mountains, beaches, forests, desert, mangroves - name it and we flaunt it with pride. So much so that we don’t need to travel outside our country to fulfil our desire of experiencing a certain topography. On National Tourism Day (25th January), here are 5 places in India that bear uncanny resemblance to international destinations.
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1. Tulips - Srinagar (Kashmir) & Amsterdam (Netherlands)
The annual Kashmir Tulip Festival, the largest tulip garden in Asia, is a masterful extravaganza for your eyes, especially if you are a horticulture and floriculture enthusiast. It's spread across 30 hectares, at the foothills of the snow-capped Zabarwan Range. And the flowering grounds are a close reflection of the tulips in Amsterdam. If you want a glimpse of these flowers in Amsterdam, visit during the Tulip Festival in April. You will be mesmerised by the uncanny similarity.
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2. Snow - Gulmarg (Kashmir) & Switzerland
Home to an extensive part of Mt. Everest, the magnificent peaks look spectacular during the cold winter months, covered in snow till the horizon. Beyond what words can ever explain. January and February is the time you should plan a trip there. And the view is a remarkable mirror-image of snow-covered mountains of Switzerland in the wintry months.The snow-capped terrains in Switzerland during the peak winter months is sure to make you be at awe of the stark resemblance between the two places. The serene white all around you, for as long as your sight takes you, the landscape is an epitome of peace and quietude.
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3. Lush Green Landscapes - Khajjiar (Himachal Pradesh) & Switzerland
Khajjiar, a quaint hill station near Dalhousie, is widely known for its green, undulating landscapes, lined with deodar forests. And cute, little cottages distantly placed across the terrain. A picture that is strikingly similar to that of Switzerland during the warm, summer months. The tiny hillocks, graced with cottages made of cobblestones and bushes at intervals, reminds you of the terrains back home in Khajjiar. The old world charm and calm serenity of the place is difficult to miss.
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4. Hills - Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) & Scotland
The hills in Mandi are a sight to behold. Covered in lush greenery and circled with trees typical to mountainous regions in India, no less than a sparse forested area. Perfectly complemented with natural rivulet making its way through the landscape, you cannot but feel calm coming over you. And this is a close replica of the Scottish landscape, with its short hills and mountain lakes that merge into the pristine blue of the sky, laced with clouds.
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5. Shape Of Lake - Nainital (Uttarakhand) & Lake District (England)
Your visit to Nainital cannot be complete without you appreciating the sight of the tranquil waters of the lake making its way through the rocky terrains. Surrounded with dense vegetation lining its banks, the greenery gets reflected in the flowing waters of the lake as well. The Lake District in England bears a fascinating similarity to the Nainital Lake. Both are winding lakes making their way through the dense green, hilly terrains.
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