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Highway 46: 5 Holiday Experiences For You & Your Friends (That Are Not In Goa!)

After all, it’s about time you tried some place new, saw a different view, and had mad fun with your crew—excuse the unintentional rhyming.

Highway 46: 5 Places You Must Visit Before You Turn 30

In collaboration with The Channel 46, Ekta Mohanani Kamra, travel enthusiast & Founder of Hop n Bop, has compiled a list of 5 destinations that you should see before you reach 30.

Highway 46: 7 Must-Visit Hill Stations If You Love The Mountains

Here comes a question. “Mountain yaa beach?” “Mountain hamesha”, pat comes your reply. If this is you, you intrinsically know that hill stations are your vibe. So, here are 7 hill stations in India that you must definitely plan trips to at least once.

Highway 46: 7 Holiday Destinations You Should Travel To With Your BFFs

Chal, iss baar Goa chalte hai - said your BFF for the 849th time. But why just obsess over Goa when India boasts of so many more spots that you can visit with your BFFs? So here are 7 such places that you MUST consider when you’re planning a vacay with them.

Highway 46: 5 Gorgeous Beachside Honeymoon Destinations (That Are NOT The Maldives)

Looking forward to your honeymoon? Learn more about these 5 stunning options that you should definitely explore for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Buzz 46: 7 UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites In India

The UNESCO recognises 7 natural landscapes and wildlife reserves in India as World Heritage Sites. Let’s pay tribute to these 7 spots that have made it to the list of World Heritage Sites. 

Highway 46: 5 Stunning Travel Spots In India For A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience

When nature shines on us with all its glory, we cannot but appreciate it with every bone in our body. Learn more about 5 travel spots in India jo humein unmukht karte hai, har baar. 

Highway 46: 10 Khoobsurat International Destinations That Offer Indians Visa On Arrival

No more long interviews and lambi visa queues when you plan to travel abroad. Here are 10 international destinations where Indians can travel to without a visa.

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