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11 Trendy Engagement Makeup Looks & Outfit Ideas For The Dulhan-To-Be

A sagai ceremony is a celebration for making your relationship official. While you take that first step towards a wedded life, it goes without saying that you want to start the new beginnings on a perfect note in every sense of the term, in every way possible. And that, of course, includes the way you look. So, here are 10 engagement dress ideas for bride on your engagement that you can take a cue from, along with tips for makeup, hairstyle, jewellery, and footwear.

Style City: 5 Best Indian Cities For Wedding Jewellery Shopping

Your wedding is a one-of-a-kind experience. No wonder, you would want to make it an experience of a lifetime, moments to hold close to you, and a memory to behold. Forever. The way you look often has a say in how you feel to a great extent. And, therefore, jewellery plays an important role in determining how you feel on your D-Day. Know more about these 5 cities where you can indulge in your wedding jewellery shopping.

Jewellery Brand Teejh Launches Block Print Sarees Designed For The Modern Indian Woman

Weaving traditional threads with modern prints, Teejh’s new collection makes sarees more relatable and relevant to young Indian women than ever before.

9-Step Guide To Prep Your Skin For Your Shaadi

In collaboration with The Channel 46, the Founder of Ozone Signature, Sanchi Sehgal, lists 7 tips on the do’s and don’ts of a regular at-home skin care routine so you can shine on the big day.

Aaj Ki Dulhan, Kaisi Ho? The Millenial Bride Memo

I remember seeing pictures of my mother at her own wedding, and out of curiosity, I asked her why in most pictures, she kept looking down. And smiling in very few. Arre, my Kanpur wali masi had strictly told me not to look into the camera...Doesn't give a good impression if the bride looks too confident. But times have changed since then. So how do modern day brides behave?

10 Gorgeous Bridal Lehenga Styles For The 2022 Dulhan-To-Be!

For those who’re tying the knot in 2022, here’s a roundup of the hottest bridal lehenga trends to help you choose a dumdar lehenga for your dhamakedar wedding!

10 Online Stores To Buy Shandaar Wedding Jewellery

Draped in beautiful lehengas and the traditional sringar, Indian brides look breathtaking. But the meaning of a bride's jewellery goes beyond just accentuating the D-Day look.

#RealBrideSeries: “For My Roka Ceremony, I Repurposed A Lehenga I Had Already Worn Before”

"One rule every bride must follow is to only wear naye kapde for her functions. But I loved the yellow lehenga I wore for my sister’s wedding; I couldn't imagine why it only deserved one outing and had to be left to gather dust in the closet."

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