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Expert Talk: A Nutritionist Recommends A Pregnancy Diet For The Last Trimester

Dr Kumar lists 14 foods you must include in your third trimester pregnancy diet. Read on.

Expert Talk: Burning Sensation Down There? Signs You May Have Vaginal Inflammation

A gynaec explains the signs, causes, and treatment options for vaginal inflammation. Read on.

Expert Talk: A Dermat Explains Whether Scalp Massagers Can Promote Hair Growth

Experiencing heavy hair fall & wondering whether a massager will be of any use. A dermat explains the various causes of hair fall & discusses whether a massager can help in promoting hair growth.

Expert Talk: How Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Period?

A gynaecologist answers questions on the effects of alcohol on your periods & throughout the menstrual cycle. Read on.

How Will I Pee If I’m Wearing a Tampon? A Gynaec Helps You Understand What’s Going On Down There

A gynaec explains why tampons have no effect on peeing and how to use them properly. Read on.

Expert Talk: 5 Causes Of Bad Breath (& How To Fix It)

A dentist discusses 5 possible causes of bad breath and, lifestyle changes and simple home remedies to address the problem.

Expert Talk: An Ortho Doc Wants You To Follow These 8 Tips To Keep Your Knees Healthy As You Age

Dr Pramod Bhor, HOD Orthopedic Surgery at Fortis shares lifestyle habits you should start young to help your knees age better.

Expert Talk: Visiting A Gynaec For The First Time? Here’s What You Can Expect

Here's how your first visit to a gynaecologist is likely to go. Know about it all here.

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