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4 Sex Positions To Hit The A-Spot Har Bar

What is a spot? The A-spot, also referred to as the anterior fornix erogenous zone or AFE zone, or deep spot is located between the front vaginal wall and the cervix. This is about 4 to 5 inches inside the vagina. It was found that stimulating the zone could result in vaginal lubrication and even orgasm. Now that we have discussed A spot meaning, let’s talk about where it is, how to stimulate it, some sex positions to stimulate it, and a whole lot more. 

What & Where Is The A-Spot?

Wondering “what is the a spot on a woman?” The erogenous zone called female A-spot is believed to sit at the top of the vagina, between the bladder and the cervix, located on the inner wall. It is one of the five deep vaginal erogenous zones (DVZs) that are closely associated with female orgasm. These zones are the G-spot, the A-spot, the O-spot, the cervix, and the pelvic floor muscles. This clarifies your question on “Where is the a spot on a woman”, doesn’t it? 

Who Has An A-Spot?

After discussing a spot meaning, let’s move on to who has an A-spot.

Any individual born with a vagina may have an A-Spot. However, this spot is yet to be studied in-depth by researchers. Sme studies state that not all women may have the A-spot, while another research found that most women have this erogenous zone in their vagina. 

What Does The A Spot Feel Like?

Unlike the G-spot, the A-spot does not have a texture or firmness that is different from the vaginal canal. However, it may feel spongier or softer when pressure is applied to it. It is known to be an area of sensitive tissue that lubricates on being touched and stimulated. Rubbing the spot is also likely to make you feel wetter. 

The A-spot is located deep in the vagina, as discussed earlier. It is located right next or just below the cervix. 

How To Stimulate An A-Spot?

For A-spot stimulation, apply pressure to the vagina’s top wall, which is the closest to the stomach. Starting in the middle of the wall and working your way up to find the stop may be effective. This area can be stimulated with your fingers, a toy, or your partner’s penis. You can explore different intensities and types of stimulation to get the most pleasure out of this A-spot. However, the level of pleasure isn’t the same for all. Therefore, the stimulation and intensity varies between vagina-owners. 

4 Sex Positions To Hit The A-Spot

1. From Behind

4 Sex Positions To Hit The A-Spot Har Bar
  1. Come on all your fours, so your partner can penetrate you from behind.
  2. It’s best if you are at a comparatively lower position than that of your penetrative partner.
  3. Penetrative sex from the back allows for deeper penetration.
  4. This position also allows for experimenting with angles that can hit the A-spot.

2. Legs Over Shoulders

4 Sex Positions To Hit The A-Spot Har Bar
  1. A modification of Missionary, lie down on the bed with your buttocks comfortably resting on a cushion or pillow. 
  2. Next, rest your legs over your partner’s shoulders.
  3. How much you open your legs will adjust the penetration, depth, and angle from your partner.

3. Modified Reverse Cowgirl

  1. A modification of reverse cowgirl, lie your partner lie down flat on the bed.
  2. Sit down on his penis, with your face looking away from him.
  3. Your joint thrusting will define the degree of depth and angle that will stimulate the G-spot and the A-spot.
  4. You can also control the pace of the position. Since the A-spot requires consistent pressure, this position can be great for achieving proper stimulation. 

4. Anal Sex

  1. Lie down on your front and let your partner penetrate you from the back. 
  2. Anal sex allows you and your partner to hit the A-spot through the front rectal wall. 

Hitting the A-spot is comparatively more difficult than what it might seem to you now. It is all about the popular saying, “Practice makes perfect”. And hence you need to try out different sex positions to understand what is a spot and where the A-spot lies, so you are able to reach it time and again.

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