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Self-Starter: Simrun Chopra’s Journey From PCOS Warrior To Nutritionist With 97.5K Followers

This week, mum turned nutritionist and fitness expert Simrun Chopra shares her journey, advice, tips, and recommendations on becoming an influencer in the competitive space of fitness.

6 Quick & Easy Recipes For Your Vegetarian Keto Diet

In search of keto diet recipes for beginners? Here are some delicious yet simple recipes to try.

Everything You Need To Know About Veganism & Vegan Diet Plans

Veganism is gaining popularity, read-on to understand the benefits of going vegan for your overall well-being.

A Beginner’s Guide To Inversion Yoga

Inversion yoga does not have to be scary. Learn all about the benefits and ways of doing upside-down yoga.

20 Workout Songs To Keep You Pumped Up During A Fitness Session

Pump up your workouts with these songs that won’t let you quit!

Expert Talk: In Conversation With Yoga Gurus Paramita Singh & Sohan Singh On Yoga Day

It’s International Yoga Day! 2 yoga experts discuss the benefits of yoga in our everyday lives.

8 Basic Self-Defence And Martial Art Forms That Every Woman Must Know

Learn some basic martial art moves for self-defense to protect yourself against all kinds of threats.

10 Cardio Exercises At Home That You Can Practice Without Any Equipment

Can’t go for a run or hit the gym? These cardio exercises are perfect for women and can be done in the comfort of your home.

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