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Here’s How Everyone’s Applying Concealer In 2023

While there are a myriad of concealers you can invest in, here's an expert guide on how to use it right.

The Simplest 5-step Guide To Achieve Glass Skin For Noobs

While Korean glass skin has taken the internet by storm, an expert explains what glass skin means & how recommends a daily skincare routine to achieve it.

Rice Water For Hair: Decoding The Benefits Of This Latest Insta Beauty Trend

Rice water has been getting all the attention on Instagram as a wonder ingredient for your hair. But is the trend just a fad or here to stay? Find out its pros and cons here.

Budget Shopper: 6 Vitamin C Serums Under Rs 800 For Younger-Looking Skin

Vitamin C works wonders not just as a detan but in reducing dark spots, preventing the development of melanin, and a host of other skincare problems. Here are 6 super-affordable Vitamin C serums that you can take your pick from.

Buzz 46: 5 Best Dressed Celebs At The NMACC For Fashion-Inspo

Here are 5 desi and international celebs who raised the temperature at the event with their style and persona.  Read on for some fashion inspo.

Buzz 46: 11 Health & Beauty Truth Bombs From Alia Bhatt’s ’30 Facts As I Turn 30′ Video Drop

Here is a carefully chosen list of 11 truth bombs from Alia Bhatt's video on '30 Facts As I Turn 30'. Read on.

Deepika Padukone’s 82°East Launches Turmeric Shield—A Dermat Weighs In On Haldi For Sun Protection

A dermat shares interesting facts about turmeric and shares a few DIY remedies using the magic ingredient. Go on, include them as a part of their skincare routine.

Beauty Nuskhe: 6 Rose Water Recipes For Hair

The versatility of rose water does wonders for your hair & scalp. Here are 6 DIY hair care recipes using it, for healthy-looking hair & scalp.

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