BeautyBuzz 46: 5 Beauty Secrets From Birthday Babe Gauahar Khan

Buzz 46: 5 Beauty Secrets From Birthday Babe Gauahar Khan

Swipe left in the gallery below to know about the favourite beauty hacks of the birthday girl.

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Buzz 46: 5 Beauty Secrets From Birthday Babe Gauahar Khan
The birthday babe Gauahar Khan definitely has a lot of oomph to carry herself under the harsh arclights. And yet she manages to shine like a dazzling diva wherever she goes. On her birthday today, let’s take inspiration from 5 of her favourite beauty secrets.
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1. Hydration With Rose Water
The diva swears by spritzing rose water a few times on her face for giving her face the hydration that it needs.
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2. Ice for Eye Puffiness
As Gauahar’s gorgeous eyes are prone to puffiness, she applies ice to control the swelling.
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3. Toothpaste For Treating Pimples
Gauahar loves to rely on toothpaste to get rid of pimples and zits. The good ol’ nuskha does wonder for her.
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4. Keeps Makeup Minimal
Gauahar dislikes dabbling on too much makeup on her face. While ditches makeup when she can or else, goe switch a compact powder, mascara, and lip gloss when she’s out with friends.
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5. No Combing Wet Hair
The supermodel and actor steers clear from combing wet hair as it causes hair breakage.
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