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Chemical Sunscreen Vs Physical Sunscreen – How To Choose The Correct One For Yourself?

Confused about sunscreen choices? Learn the differences between mineral and chemical sunscreens for the perfect sun protection.

Find Your Fringe: How To Cut Bangs Based On The Shape Of Your Face

Bangs are highly versatile and face-framing locks of hair that have been a go-to hairstyle for decades. Their ability to instantly transform your look, accentuate your features, and add a touch of...

5 DIY Turmeric Face Mask Recipes Used By Bollywood Celebs

Let’s take a look at the DIY remedies of 5 of this Bollywood ladies who love to add a dash of turmeric in their skincare routine. 

Buzz 46: 5 Beauty Tips From Neha Dhupia On Her Birthday

The young mom, Neha Dhupia looks like a million bucks due to her well-thought-out haircare, skincare, and makeup routine. Let's take a sneak peek into it.

Buzz 46: 5 Beauty Secrets From Birthday Babe Gauahar Khan

On Gauahar's birthday today, let’s take inspiration from 5 of her favourite beauty secrets.

A Beginner’s Guide To Hair Care

A haircare expert decodes how a beginner can take care of her hair.

Expert Talk: A Dermat Explains Whether Scalp Massagers Can Promote Hair Growth

Experiencing heavy hair fall & wondering whether a massager will be of any use. A dermat explains the various causes of hair fall & discusses whether a massager can help in promoting hair growth.

8 Haircare Tips For Those Lazy Days

A haircare expert recommends hair care tips for the lazy girls out there. Read on & make the most of these smart hacks.

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