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10 Tips to Nail Your Saree Look This Wedding Season

If there is one garment of clothing that compliments each body type and defines each of those sexy curves… It’s the saree. In the event that you intend to go to a marriage, 

 you must wear the ever so elegant saree for at least one of the functions. Having said that, there are a couple of tips and tricks and dos and don’ts to remember when you’re wearing the delightful 9 yards. The following are 10 tips to wear a saree with certainty and look marvellous when you do so. Here are some beautiful ways how to reuse old sarees and transform your look.

1. Tying It At The Perfect Place

The first and the clearest thing is to know where precisely the petticoat ought to be tied. A saree too high looks abnormal, and tying it too low will just make it hard for you to walk. Slip into your heels so you know precisely where your petticoat ought to be tied. In any event, when you begin wrapping up the saree, ensure the length is perfect. Nothing looks more awful than your petticoat peeking out.

2. Picking The Right Underwear

This may be obvious, but what you choose to wear under the saree is a crucial factor in how well it will sit on your body. Now there are a few basics to keep in mind while picking your petticoat. Firstly, the shade of your petticoat ought to precisely match that of the saree. If there should be an occurrence of a net saree, the petticoat obviously shows and in any case too it shows from the base when you sit. Furthermore, a stretch texture like lycra will give you a superior shape and it will be simple for you to move about as well. You could even settle on a petticoat with side pleats to give your saree that excellent flare.

3. The Right Shoes

What footwear you decide to wear has a major effect. First of all, flats never really complement your general look or your walk. When wearing a saree, it’s fundamental you wear heels regardless of whether they are only an inch high. Additionally, try not to wear thin-pointy heels at an open-air shaadi scene since they wind up diving into the ground. Block heels are your smartest option and select strappy stilettos rather than footwear that is closed from the front. They simply look better with sarees.

4. Pre-pleating To The Rescue

People are always saying, that planning in advance helps. Well, we guess even while draping a saree pre-pleating your saree is a good option, as it helps figure out the exact length of the pallu. A short pallu just ends up looking weird and something too long will take away from the final look of the saree. Pre-pleat your saree and make sure the pallu falls at the perfect length.

5. The Blouse

A well-sewed blouse can have a significant effect on your look. You don’t need hanging shoulders or sleeves that end at some unacceptable length. Additionally, assuming you’re wearing a cushioned bra, ensure the pads are of the right size and shape and are put effectively. Be extra cautious about this to avoid a major fashion blunder.

6. Underwear Pt. 2- The Bra 

Alongside the blouse, what bra you wear likewise has a significant effect. Assuming that your blouse isn’t padded, make sure you try it with the bra you’ll be wearing at the wedding. A lot of times the shoulder ties and back ties peep out of the blouse and nothing looks more terrible than that. A well-fitted bra that upholds your bosoms pleasantly is an unquestionable requirement.

7. Pin It Right

The important thing is that you must utilise safety pins liberally when wearing a saree. Especially assuming that it’s your first time! Ensure you have a combination of big and medium-sized pins to get the pallu and the pleats. Pin the pleats to the petticoat and ensure that the pins are not noticeable. This will likewise guarantee that you can absolutely chill at your best bud’s wedding without stressing over your saree falling off.

8. The Right Fabric 

Shaadi time implies you’ll have some amount of running around to do. Also, you’ll be the first to show up and the final remaining one to leave. In such a circumstance it only makes sense that you opt for lighter fabrics like georgettes and chiffons. Kanjeevarams can make you look bulky and kota-cotton or khadis are stiff textures that don’t do a lot to compliment your figure.

9. Experiment With Styles

There are simply countless styles of sarees accessible in the market today. From lehenga sarees to the pre-draped ones, gown sarees and even dhoti sarees… There is such a great amount out there. Also, a portion of these is really simple to wear as well! To evaluate the different styles and drapes before you purchase your outfit for your best pal ki shaadi.

10. Perfecting The Pallu 

How you style your pallu can have a significant effect on your look. A few sarees request an open pallu, though, some of the time you want a well-gathered pallu to compliment your curves. Aside from these we even have a great deal of traditional pallu draping styles to take inspiration from. So try your saree a couple of days before the wedding to ensure you pick a pallu style that looks best on you!

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