Expert TalkExpert Talk: 9 Signs Your Mental Health Needs To Be Prioritised, According...

Expert Talk: 9 Signs Your Mental Health Needs To Be Prioritised, According To Psychologist Dr Tripti Choudhary Vaid

Most people may have considered visiting a psychologist at some point in their lives. But not every one of them ends up making an appointment with a mental health professional. Every individual goes through life stressors and it is important to understand when one needs to reach out for support for their mental health.

In collaboration with The Channel 46, Dr Tripti Choudhary Vaid, Child, Adolescent & Young Adult Psychologist, offers advice on symptoms that indicate that you need help from a mental health professional. 

1. When Your Emotions Are All Over The Place Or ‘Dysregulated’

When one’s emotional reaction is way too severe in comparison to the event that may have occurred, or one cries very easily or when sadness becomes a constant emotion you feel, it may require professional intervention to help you cope with it.

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2. When Your Appetite Or Sleep Undergo Changes

When Your Usual Sleep Pattern Undergoes Changes, It May Mean That You Need Help For Your Mental Health

Sleep disturbances such as sleeping too little or too much may indicate mental health concerns. Also, changes in appetite (eating too little or eating too much) may also indicate a need for working on your mental health.

3. Going Through A Traumatic Event

If you are undergoing a traumatic event, a situation that you are unable to cope with or find hard to cope with may be reason enough to visit a psychologist.

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4. Loss Of Interest In Daily Activities

When You Lose Interest In Daily Activities, It May Imply That You Need A Psychologist’s Help

When you lose interest in doing things that give you pleasure, it may warrant a psychologist’s opinion.

5. Academic Decline Or Work Inconsistency

A decrease in work performance or academic decline may indicate that a person may be struggling with psychological concerns. Mental health can impair attention, concentration and focus, thereby, leading one to experience decreased productivity. 

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6. Impaired Relationships

Mental health concerns may disrupt relationships in a variety of ways. They can cause one to feel insecure about them, become detached or withdrawn from them, or get extremely close to them in a short span of time. Any such continued patterns can be worked upon with a psychologist for better social relationships.

7. Somatic Symptoms

Research says that there is a strong mind-body connection. How the mind feels is often expressed by symptoms in the body. A constant tummy ache in a child, for instance, may indicate the need for closer psychological evaluation. 

8. When You Use Substances Or Other Dysfunctional Methods To Cope

Sometimes individuals start depending on substances to elevate their moods or make them feel better. These are dysfunctional ways of coping and one needs to reach out to a therapist to help develop positive coping mechanisms.

9. Suicidal Thoughts Or Self-Harm

This is a red flag and needs immediate intervention by a mental health professional. If thoughts of ending your life are coming to you, then getting help is a definite requirement. If you are already self-harming, then visiting a psychologist should be of utmost importance.

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Remember, talking to a mental health professional is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, it may make you feel more aware and empowered about your own mental health. If you are experiencing any of the above, then please reach out to a trained mental health professional at the earliest!

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